Saturday, April 03, 2010

Red Shirts in Ratchaprasong

We've been in Bangkok for a week and on and off we've been hearing of rumours that the red shirts would be stepping up their protests soon. We didn't think very much of this. And today, a Saturday, our first independent day now that our predecessors have left, we decided to take a cab to Central World.

Alamak, we saw that the road leading to Central World was blocked. The taxi stopped us on a road next to Central Chidlom and we made our way towards Central World by foot.

Wow, what a sight. There were red shirts everywhere. The entire mood was one of festivity and fun, with loud music blaring and people dancing and making merry. Still, we made our way as inconspicuously as we could, though the boys were wondering why there was so much noise all around.

When we reached Amarin Plaza, we saw that it was closed. Then we found out all the malls were closed! So we ended up eating brunch at McD there. While inside, there were many red shirts coming in and out to buy food. After we were almost done eating, we saw that McD staff were trying to close up too. This was before noon. Red shirts were upset with them for closing cos I think they wanted access to drinks and food all day. They started giving trouble to the McD staff at the main glass door entrance. We and the other patrons (Japanese/Korean expats) couldn't get out...and had to be led out the side door.

Just our luck, this was the first day that the malls were closed. Was very disappointing. We had no choice but to take the BTS to Phrom Phong's Emporium and watched Clash of the Titans there. The show was rather blah.

Despite our unexpected meeting with the red shirts today, we still felt that things were well under control. Little did we know what was to ensue in the weeks ahead :(

And no I did not take any pictures, not brave enough :)

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