Monday, April 12, 2010

Red Shirts in Rama IV

Today, I was supposed to meet a friend in Thonglor, away from where the action is. I thought there wouldn't be a problem cos we were headed away from the city. But on the Rama IV highway, there was bad traffic. The red shirts were having yet another procession :(

The driver thought they were headed to PM Abhisit's house on Soi31, which would mean them turning off soon enough towards Asoke. In other words, traffic would be fine in a bit. Sigh...the buggers never turned off towards Asoke. Realising I would be stuck in traffic and be extremely late arriving for lunch, I called my friend and said I wasn't going anymore. Instead, we turned off and went to Central Rama 3 again (boring...).

I later found out that the red shirts were going through the city displaying their dead from the weekend's clashes (it was actually an empty coffin lah). From what we saw of the reaction from the public to the procession, it is clear that there is strong support for the red shirts' cause, at this stage.

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