Tuesday, April 06, 2010

My poor baby

Since moving in to our temporary apartment, I've noticed the door of our 2nd bedroom slamming shut by itself when the balconies of that bedroom and the hall were both opened. I shuddered to think what might happen if the boys' hands were near the door.

My worst fears came true yesterday when Sean got two of his fingers slammed by the door. And it wasn't as if he was mucking about, in fact, he was helping me keep clothes which were drying near the balcony. He was in and out of the room and I know I should have been more mindful of the danger, but at that time, it just slipped my mind.

The two nails are now darkened and he is in extreme pain. We've applied soothing and anti-inflammatory gel and also dipped his fingers in cold water all day. He wasn't able to sleep since 10pm as he was crying in pain. This went on all night and his throbbing finger kept me up all night too.

Pictures here are not for the faint of heart. And the fact is, by the time I took the pictures, the swelling had already come down a bit, it was worse yesterday, can you imagine?! *Heart ache*

I took a video of the door slamming when I brought the matter up to the management. They eventually fixed a magnet to keep the door open. The fact is that the sound from the video does not really reflect reality. In reality, the slamming is much louder and it's really thanks to God that the finger wasn't smashed.

This is a backpost and it's been 3 months (this is posted in mid July) and both fingers are back to normal now. It was quite a scare then though.


Anonymous said...

OUCH!! Thank God his fingers are in tact.....*cold sweat*


Lilian said...

I was really worried his finger was fractured, thank God it was fine. But that night, it was really swollen, just like how you see in cartoons :) And he couldn't sleep all night, moaning and groaning even with paracetamol and cold compress. Very siong.

Babypowder said...

Oh gosh!! Poor Sean!! Our bedroom door shuts like that too when the wind is really strong. We have the door stopper which obviously needs to be removed everytime we want to close the door. So sometimes we forget to put the stopper back and then 'SLAM'!!!

I shudder to think of the consequences if our little big boy happens to be standing by the door!

I'm glad that Sean is all good now :)

Lilian said...

Wendy, the management later fixed magnets that keep the door stuck to the wall. I would prefer those heavy door stoppers attached above the door that make it hard for the door to be closed.

Better don't take chances, do something about it.