Saturday, April 24, 2010

Into the heart of the red shirts' den

I don't know what it is with us and the red shirts. The more we try to avoid them, the more we bump into them.

Eddie has been very cautious in avoiding the areas where the red shirts are. Me, less so but anyway, today, we decided to drive to Thonglor, a suburb away from the protest sites, for lunch. Some of my friends who live near the protest site have actually moved to Thonglor, temporarily.

Our first foray into Thonglor wasn't fruitful. The Soi (road) was very jammed up so after we passed by Tops and 8 Thonglor, we turned left to park at this Home Mart. When we came out, we should have looked left to go to J Avenue where there are lots of restaurants. Instead we walked right to where we had driven past. Ended up walking all the way to Tops, and when Sean saw Burger King, he insisted on eating there. By then, I was so tired of looking for things to eat, all of us ended up eating BK!

Not in a very good mood, we proceeded home after lunch. Eddie had set his GPS for our apartment, and the journey home would not take us anywhere near the red shirt encampment. HOWEVER, instead of our apartment, he had actually set it for another development, with a very similar name, right where the red shirts were.

I was already puzzled when the directions said to drive to New Petchburi Road and the GPS eventually led us to Chidlom, past the barriers, into Langsuan. We were stopped by red shirt guards when passing a barrier but they let us pass through with little bother. I managed to take some quick photos.

Actually, aside from the barricades, the lanes inside the barricaded areas seem rather peaceful. Not many red shirts at all. Of course, this isn't the main artery of the protest, that would be on Ratchaprasong. Hope everything gets settled soon. I'm seriously tired of hanging out at Emporium and Central Rama 3.

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