Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fan of Fanta

I love Fanta Red. I even blogged about it when I found it sold in Eddie's hometown KK in this post. I mistakenly thought it was Cherry flavour, it's actually strawberry. I can no longer find this in most of Malaysia (except in KK for an exorbitant price) and Singapore, so was really chuffed to see it in abundance here in Bangkok.

It appears indeed true that Malaysia and Singapore doesn't carry this soft drink; as shown in this Wiki page.

And from that wiki page, I also learnt something very interesting:

Red Fanta has been officially endorsed by the King of Thailand as one of his preferred drinks. Consequently, glasses and open bottles of red Fanta are often seen as offerings on the small Buddhist altars displayed by every Thai home and shop.

He he I have royal taste or what?


monlim said...

Cool!! Does it taste the same as the strawberry Fanta we used to have in SG and Malaysia?

Lilian said...

Yes, it is the very same strawberry Fanta!...though now I read from Wiki that the Thai version is sweeter than the rest of the world, so I'm getting a bit err...probably won't drink so much anymore.

And I wonder why they stopped distributing this in Singapore and Malaysia. So many countries still have this soft drink.

mariposa said...

I hated gassy drinks except one: Fanta grape!! I didn't know that it's no longer found in Singapore :-(


Lilian said...

I liked Fanta Grape too. But I think the red one was still my favourite cos it left a red tinge on my lips...macam wearing lipstick...hehe...was a vain kid.

mun said...

I remember how Fanta grape tastes like but not the strawberry Fanta. Does Bangkok have Fanta grape as well?

Lilian said...

I'm not sure about Fanta grape availability here but I understand there's Fanta green.