Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bangkok sweeties

Warning: Reading this post could give you diabetes! First up, Songkran gifts from Eddie's office. The hand garland is for good luck. The sweets here are as sweet as they look, more so maybe. They do look really pretty. No one except me ate even one of the sweets. I tried a brownish looking one which tasted a little like Kueh Dodol, just harder.

The rest of these sweety photos were taken at Gourmet Market in Soi 26/Soi Aree's K-Village, a new low-rise mall which looks like a nice place to chill out in. But no photo-taking is actually allowed, I was told later.

Here's the section on Kiam-Sng-Tee (Salty-Sour-Sweet) goodies, these are dried preserves (someone correct me if I'm wrong). So many to choose from.

Lots of samples.

That's kiwi fruit on the right.

This one I found really interesting. The green stuff (also in container below the samples) is actually Green pepper/Capsicum! Who knew you could make kiam-sng-tees from Capsicum, and they were delicious.

Fruits galore. Thailand is tropical fruit heaven...they even cut the fruits so nicely for you, of course you pay a slight premium for this convenience lah. Love the papayas and mangos here.

Pure mango juice, no syrup added. About S$1 a bottle.

And of course the King of Fruits, no samples though. I'm not a fan of Monthong Durians. Even though Thai durians look more majestic, I still think Malaysian durians rule, much more fragrant (or pungent depending on your affinity to the fruit).


Elan said...

Wah, no posts for so long then suddenly I see 2 at one go....and both about food,hmmmmm.
I second what Mon said: More posts please. What is life in BKK like, are you affected by the protests?

Lilian said...

Actually, I'm posting cos I'm kinda home more these few days cos my cargo just arrived and there's tonnes of sorting to do. For past weeks, I've just been here and there, there always seems to be places to be, things to do.

Prior to this week, I would have said hardly affected by the protests. I just had to do my shopping in the nonprotest areas. But this week, the action came closer to where we are. The grenades last night went off at the BTS station nearest to us, about 10 min walk away. And very near my husband's office.

We're all safe now, kids still go to school and praying things return to what they were before soon.

Puzzled by Puzzles! said...

I spotted the pink pomelo! Yum.
How did u know u are not supposed to take photo? Got scolding ah?

Lilian said...

Hee you know ah? Nolah, the folks at this place quite nice, they just said not allowed. But there was this dodgy place in Chatuchak where I was hollered at by a gangster-like man when I took my phone out to take pictures of turtles swimming in an aquarium. Maybe he was selling them illegally...oops.

monlim said...

Wah, the sweets look so pretty! I'm not into the sour pickled stuff but the fruit do look good.

Stay safe, with the situation so uncertain now, better to be extra cautious.

Puzzled by Puzzles! said...

Must be star turtles? It's illegal to trade/sale I think but u will see all sorts of animals there. Including snakes!

Eunice said...

Many pet shops in Chatujak don't let you take pics cos they animals they are selling are probably endangered. Btw, yes, I've been asked not to take pics in Childlom.

Lilian said...

Mon, the sour pickled stuff aren't as sour as you'd expect. Today I saw that there is actually atap chee (the fruit/seed you get in ice kacang) tempted to buy but I know it's calorie-loaded.

Sandy, yalah, we passed by the doggie section, heart-ache to see the puppies, and I actually couldn't believe these were puppies cos they are so small. Really like big hamsters. And so many of them. Thank goodness I didn't see snakes, but I did see a barrel-full of worms at the fish section. Aiyohhh, made me scream!

Eunice: Even Chidlom Tops market doesn't allow photo-taking? I thought it was Gourmet market being atas. Guess what I saw at Gourmet market, London's Four Seasons' Duck! Frozen but for sure from there. Thought of buying but the price was exorbitant. They really have everything here!