Saturday, March 27, 2010

I heart Bangkok

I can't explain why but I am just a happier person when I'm in Bangkok. I first noticed this the last trip here with the boys. Stuck in traffic inside a van on our way to one of the schools we visited, and looking out at the view of shiny skyscrapers contrasted against low-lying slums, I just took it all in and then found myself smiling. I felt that I felt really happy then. I was actually conscious that I was happy.

Today, just 30 seconds out of Suvarnabhumi Airport on the highway to the city, I found myself feeling really happy again. Maybe it's some initial irrational euphoria and I'll soon come landing with a big thud. I dunno, but for now, I'm just enjoying this unusual feeling. Unusual because seriously, I am not by nature a happy person.

Traffic to the city was just perfect. After checking in, we went for lunch at Siam Paragon, and again, smooth traffic. I think people are staying home because of the red shirts. But the whole time I was out, I saw only 3 red shirts and they were not on the streets protesting, they were riding on a tuk-tuk. So for sure, there is no Bangkok Shutdown. Fingers' crossed of course that things remain this way.


eunice said...

I heart, heart, heart BKK too!! i totally understand what you mean. Everytime i land at the airport, I feel happy, even when faced with semi-surly immigration officers. Sigh.. lucky, lucky you!

Lilian said...

Awwww Eunice...I'm already dreading the day I have to leave! There is something about this city/country, I think it's gotta be the people.

Btw, we notice folks here dress really well.

I'll be seeing you in a week plus, yes?

eunice said...

So can you imagine how much I cried when I left? yes, people do dress up there. I had to leave my 'go to supermarekt in home shorts and T-shirt' mentality when I lived there. I actually like it and had problems here cos down here, the dress code for locals is the same patterned pajamas!

Yes, yes, yes....I'll see you in a week's time. Got time to catch up for a meal or two? :)

Lilian said...

:( Yup, can imagine...and 10 years is practically a lifetime, and it was really a lifetime for Sean.

haha, the HCMC dresscode is funny, my friend in Shanghai says the women in her apartment also goes out in their pjs.

Definitely have time for meals, but my kids may be with me. I'm inheriting a mobile number from my predecessor, so I'll email it to you soon.

monlim said...

Yay, so nice to hear that you love BKK! It really is a nice place and the Thais are just fantastic pple lah. Will definitely plan a visit there sometime!

Lilian said...

Looking forward to your visit! People here are really nice. But I think it's really different folks, different strokes. One of my SILs doesn't like BKK and today I chatted with a friend who said her daughters would faint if they were posted here haha.

eunice said...

Yup, met a few people who hated BKK (noise, traffic and non-English speaking people). Lilian, yoavu'll get more people visiting you. in my first year, I had guests every month!

Sean will be with me too so at least he can meet your kids.

Lilian said...

Noise, traffic and non-English speaking people - that's Moscow too :) Maybe not as much noise, but they make up for that with the extreme cold.

Oh good, Sean will meet Sean then :)