Friday, February 05, 2010

Superstitions & Coincidences

Well, call it superstition if you want to, but Sean had to see a doctor today, a day after I had a Facebook chat with Monica saying my kids never visited the doctor the entire time we were overseas!

Now, since I had kids, I always noticed my mum being very pantang (superstitious) if anyone says something like, "Oh, so-and-so (ie Brian/Sean) never gets sick, he is very healthy." And sure enough, within days, the named kid will fall ill. Okay, maybe not every time, but about 90% of the time.

Eddie likes to say things like that, and my mum would get irked which in turn irked me and when I tell Eddie off, he gets irked cos he says we are so superstitious. Once, we were in Frankfurt, and Eddie said to some friends how Sean hardly falls sick and he's very strong. I hushed him up and he brushed me off. Next day, Sean was ill.

Well, although the boys have been sick on and off, the entire time we were overseas, I would self-medicate. The only time Sean went to see a doctor was when I accidentally sprained his arm. And maybe he did go to the GP another time in London, but London was different, everything was free. haha.

Now as I was saying, I was chatting with Monica about how gancheong some of our old folks get when our kids fall ill. And I said, you know, the kids have never seen a doctor all this time we are overseas. The chat was yesterday I think.

Last night, an hour after Sean went to sleep, he vomitted. Eddie had accompanied him to bed in our room (Brian had guests in his room), and Sean vomitted his dinner all over Eddie and on to our mattress. Note: Another phenomenon, kids always vomit right after we replace new sheets.

Cleaned Sean up, and he was feeling lousy. Changed bedsheet, cleaned up everything and managed to get him back to sleep (on another mattress) and in the middle of the night, he said he was thirsty. At 3am, I gave him sips of water in the kichen. About a minute later, he puked again, all over's like a projectile that cannot be stopped, he didn't even have time to think of going to the toilet. I actually asked him why he didn't run to the toilet the first time he had to vomit, and he said he couldn't cos it was the vomitting that had woken him up...poor baby :(

Cleaned him up again, hardly sleep lah all night...then managed to get him back to bed. At almost 10am, we woke up. Well, I actually woke up at 630am to prepare Brian and his guests for school. Anyway, gave Sean a bite of cracker, a few sips of barley water and then he watched some tv on the sofa. Within minutes, I hear him running to the toilet. Before he could reach it, he was vomitting everything out again.

He couldn't even keep down water! Oh he also had fever and tummy pain. I knew it was time to see the doctor. We went to European Medical Clinic and saw the paed. Very nice man, checked Sean and concluded it was probably a virus, maybe Rota Virus (anyone heard of this?). Sean kept saying he had a headache.

This consultation cost 150 Euro!! Bahhh....that's about S$300 right? Any wonder why I don't take the kids to the doctors overseas haha.

Well, the medicine was at least quite reasonable. 30 packets of Smecta (bought the big box cos it was in Orange flavour, new stuff!), Motilium (when needed after vomitting), a pack of suppositories for fever, and Ibuprophen, came to 1071 rubles, or about S$50.

We're back home and I made some watery porridge with salt, he had a couple of spoons of that, a couple of spoons of smecta solution and a couple of sips of barley water. That's about it for now.

He seems better already, and asked for paper to write a story.

Anyway, call me superstitious, but I'm not taking any more chances. No more saying things like that anymore!!! I'm so tired now! If my mum knew, she'd say "Serves you right!"


mun said...

Hope Sean is feeling better now. It is so so not fun to be unwell.

monlim said...

Awww... poor Sean!! Hope he feels better soon. It's superstition lah, but to appease you, ok, don't say any more :P

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mun & Mon, haha, sounds alike. It's soooo not fun to be unwell, esp for the one having to clean up! He's lots better now, still taking liquidy stuff and not more than a couple of tablespoons each time. His tummy needs to rest lots.

*This is Lilian, I dunno why blogger is just not publishing my comments! Gotta try it the anonymous way, see if it works.

Hsien said...

Oh no. Throwing up, etc. is the worst. Rotavirus is extremely infectious - fecal-oral mode of transmission so try to keep everything and everyone as sanitized as possible!

Anonymous said...

I was even telling Monica that I'd only start worrying if the child vomits lots or has bad diarrhea :(

And I have two boys from Prague staying with me now...hope they don't catch the bug from Sean.

Lilian (Damn Blogger won't let me comment on my own blog)

Anonymous said...

If I am not wrong, that is the cause of stomach flu.

It is very contagious indeed, it does not matter if it is kids or adults, it just attacks so do be careful.

Umm...recently I have been saying this about my kid because many people around her are ill.

I better shuddup.

But she is kept healthy by 3 things:
-Sleep enough (too much I think, already slept at 830pm tonight)
-Drink enough (water buffalo)
-Exercise enough (significant)
Think these 3 seldom fail....


Anonymous said...

Hope Sean recover completely asap.
God bless.


Lilian (blog owner!!!) said...

Thanks QX...Sean sleeps enough, probably doesn't drink enough, and exercise is basically playing in the school playground.

The weather turned warmer this week, from minus 25 to around zero (haha warmer...), so as Sean's teacher said, this is always an invitation for all sorts of bugs.

Dutchess said...

I hope Sean is better now and that you are better rested too.

I'm also superstitious like that. I wasn't at first but it's happened so many times that I just accept it as one of those things.

To add to the list of 'mustn't-says':
1. DS is so well-behaved, haven't been getting into trouble lately
2. Hubby and I haven't argued in ages

I've done so in the past and sure enough, the next day....!

Lilian said...

Thanks Dutchess, yes, Sean's better now, keeping his porridge down. Me? Still not quite rested.

Totally agree with you on your list of "mustn't-says' LOL!! Esp when the boys were younger, very pantang when they hear praises about their behaviour, sure to act up soon after.

Theresa said...

Good to know his Rotavirus wasnt too bad, Kayden had to be hospitalised for 3nights when he was 3yrs old. Couldnt keep anything down, and didnt even pee for 24hrs. Needed the drips. Hope none of you will get it too as its extremely contagious, however, the effect is less severe for adults :)

Hang in there!!

Lilian said...

Oh dear...yes, the paed did ask if we had younger ones in the house...cos it's more severe for the small kids.