Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How to spot a procrastinator

I work best when there's a deadline and am good at meeting deadlines BUT whether I'm given a day or ten days to complete something, I will use the entire time given. Any extra time I have is usually spent on procrastinating.

A classic sign of a procrastinator is that you will do anything and everything except the one thing you most need to do. So if I feel that I need to clean up the house, I'll be surfing the internet or baking a cake. But if I'm supposed to be doing something productive on the internet, suddenly, house-cleaning seems more attractive.

So now, I have a tonne of stuff waiting to be done (of course I've done some of it but...), including school applications (loads of documents to scan and submit), house-hunting, packing for the move (which is in less than a month), donating stuff to charity, fixing my slow computer...and yet I spent the last few days contemplating, researching and planning for a short holiday with the kids.

We have unused free air tickets from last year due to expire at the end of March. Eddie had said we'd go somewhere early this year but when news of our move came, these plans dissipated, not that they were all that concrete in the first place.

And since Eddie will be busy with work in Singapore the week before we move to Bangkok, I decided to take the boys to Tokyo (again yes). This is my first solo trip with them and it'll just be for 3 nights. The kids are thrilled of course, as this is really their holiday, since we're staying near Disneyland all 3 nights (great deal at Sheraton Grande, 16k yen a night for a room that sleeps 4).

Procrastination does have its benefits sometimes I what should I do next? :)


monlim said...

Hahaha, you and I have this trait in common which drives K totally bananas!! Yalah, when I'm giving 2 weeks for a work deadline, I think I have plenty of time, until 2 days before it's due, then I panic. But you know, no motivation works as well as pressure! I find some of my most inspired writing comes from sheer desperation. So there's something to be said for procrastination afterall?

And hooray for Tokyo!! So jealous...

Lilian said...

Hahaha...I wonder if this trait is more common amongst exam-smart people, ie, those who have been able to get away with doing very little all year, then mug last minute and yet do better than the consistent workers hee hee (read: Me vs Eddie).

There is a theory about the root of procrastination which is so darn fascinating, I'll be posting about that soon (one day...haha)...and you let me know what you think.

monlim said...

A procrastinator posting about procrastination? Sounds like an oxymoron to me, hehe...

Anonymous said...

I am not exam-smart.
But I think I do behave this way as I feel the adrenalin rush for me that makes me more productive.. ... trying to justify my own actions... LOL

I have also been told that I am very driven, so underneath it, people do not know that I can still procastinate!! Quite paradoxical...but I did figure out something for you to think about. Typically the things we procastinate are our expert areas only or things we are very familiar with..... LOL

Elan said...

Me three!
Right now I have about 10 different things to do but I'd rather read your blogs and post comments.
I also agree about the exam smart thing - sounds like me, play all year then study and mug and burn midnight oil right up till reading index cards outside the exam hall vs hubby who always goes for a movie or something the day before the exam. Ahem, I got better exam results of course but he's the one who remembers all he studied now and I can't even do P6 Math!

Have you been to Tokyo Disneyland before? I hope you can understand Japanese. EVERYTHING was in Japanese except the "Its a small world song".

Lilian said...

Anon: Interesting theory you have about procrastinating in areas we are most familiar with. Wait till you hear about the theory I will post soon, it's mind-boggling!

Elan: Alamak, you cannot say you don't remember what you learnt, you're a doctor! haha...kidding. Wonder if women are bigger procrastinators.

Yeah, we were in Tokyo Disneyland/Sea in October 2008. Don't understand Japanese, but we're just going for the rides and I can't think of any other place to go (besides Cairo) that the kids will really enjoy. Cairo requires more planning and more days. This trip is super easy, all the planning has been done.

Elan said...

No lah, I was referring to Pri/Sec?JC. In medical school we practice what we learn and it is all relevant and real so it stays in the brain.

Lilian said...