Monday, January 11, 2010

Tonkichi at Orchard Central

What's nice to eat in the vicinity of Somerset? We didn't think we would find anything we'd like in 313 yesterday, so headed towards Centrepoint. And then I decided to check Orchard Central out. We went up to the 8th floor, saw a number of restaurants but nothing really enticing. There's a Thai restaurant there, Ben and Jerry's restaurant, a Korean place, a Japanese place without raw food, a place with mussels.

Then we went to the 7th floor, saw a Japanese restaurant Tonkichi, but I wasn't enticed...decided to look around some more. We went down the rest of the floors and there was a Hongkong Cafe, an Ah Yat, Burger King on the basement...again, nothing I liked. So we went to the 8th floor again...I think we passed the Mussels place at least 3 times. Sean kept asking to go to Ben and Jerry's, this one doesn't just serve ice-cream, they had western food no likey.

Oh yes, there's also Sakae Sushi, which I never ever wanna go to if I could help it. I was actually looking for Sushi Tei, not sure if there's any around the area.

We ended up at Tonkichi. There are actually delicious-sounding restaurants on the 11th/12th floor but we didn't go up, they sounded not just delicious but very pricey too. So Tonkichi it was.

I ordered the Snowcrab Chirashi Set ($35). It comes in a tall container, which you open up to reveal 2 'bowls'.

Chirashi with crabmeat and roe.

Sashimi, pretty good.

Some shrimp salad which smelt really fishy but Brian liked the mini-shrimp.

The set also came with cawanmushi and miso soup which Sean had with his rice and katsu.

Brian had Tonkotsu Ramen. You top up a certain amount and get an appetiser and extra dish. In total, this set came to about $20+, I think. Brian loved his ramen, when I tasted it, it made me pine for the Kyushu Ramen I had in Tokyo.

The boys shared the extra dish of Katsu and appetiser, Tori Karaage (sp?).

Verdict? I found it so-so, nothing to rave about. The boys love it though. Sean always eats a whole lot when he has katsu, miso soup, cawanmushi with rice,...and he's always effusive in his gratitude :) if I take him to a restaurant with those dishes. At other restaurants, he moans and groans and takes forever to finish his food. As for Brian, he just loves Japanese food, doesn't matter which grade of restaurant we go to.

Anyway, if anyone has any recommendation of a nice place to eat around the Somerset area, let me know.


Roslyn said...

There's a Sushi Tei at Paragon (not too far from Somerset). Other than that, I'm as clueless as you.

Lilian said...

Thanks Roslyn...yep, I know that Sushi Tei, as well as the one in Ngee Ann City. And the next nearest one is in Raffles City :)

Puzzled by Puzzles! said...

The Chirashi with crabmeat and roe looked yummy! (Actually I like anything with salmon/shrimp roe :P) Ramen is dd's favorite! I love those kind of eggs in the ramen too. With the semi-cooked egg yolk. Slurp!
I miss Asian food! (other than Korean of course) LOL!

Lilian said...

Brian is a huge fan of ramen, even back in kindergarten, he can finish a huge bowl by himself. Not Sean. Hey, at least you're still in Asia. How's the Asian food seen in Seoul? Do you have many Thai, Japanese, Malyasian/Singapore restaurants there?

Anonymous said...

If I am not wrong there is a tonkichi in ngee ann city and suntec city or they all sound the same xxxxkichi? LOL.

My child also super Japanese food fan. Somehow I also feel Jap food gives me a healthier feeling, I could be wrong.


Lilian said...

Ya ya, I found out later there's Tonkichi in many places, I just never tried it before! And you're right, somehow I am also lulled into thinking when eating out, Japanese food is very healthy, when in some restaurants, it's actually laden with MSG!