Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday welcome lunch

We had Eddie's colleagues over for lunch today. It's kind of a welcome for the Engineer Zoe and his family. Although Zoe has been in Moscow for about a year, his wife and 2 children only recently joined him. Station Manager Mustafa, his wife, and 2 children completed the party.

This is what we had. Ordered 3 pizzas for the kids, and also to make sure Mustafa and his family had enough to eat as they can't eat the meat dishes which are non-halal. Thin-crust pizza margherita delivered from the restaurant in our development.

Four-cheese pizza.

My signature chilli bee-hoon, only dried shrimps and prawns, and hence suitable for our Muslim guests.

Meat dishes, starting with baked chicken wings.

Kungpao chicken.

Curry chicken...I know, it's all chicken. I don't know how to cook beef lah...except rendang, and I ran out of spices for that.

Also baked a chocolate cake, I think Brian and I ate the bulk of this. Too much in-between cream this time...too rich.

We sat and chatted from lunch till dinner time, and before the guests left, everyone ate re-heated pizza for dinner. Happy they made their way over despite very low temperatures. Next Sunday: Briyani at Mustafa's place. We're eating our way through winter!


monlim said...

Waaaahh, I'm so impressed lah... for someone who professes that she doesn't know how to cook, this looks like quite a spread!

Your beehoon looks yummy - that's the way I like my beehoon, dry and without vege :P

Lilian said...

Thanks...haha, gotta learn some dishes for survival lah when you're overseas. And if you look through past makan pictures, you'll see my dishes are always those few dishes, extremely limited repertoire. But as one of my friend teased, these are my 'tan jiak' (earn money) dishes. Eg, my beehoon is the dish I can bring for any potluck, and sure to be wiped clean :)

monlim said...

Hahaha, I know what you mean! At any occasion, you'll always see my shepherd's pie. Sooner or later, people will cotton on :P

Lilian said...

Your specialty is angmoh dishes, mine all local :) I've never made nor tasted shepherd's pie. Also never made things like quiche, chicken pie, tarts etc.

Anonymous said...

Wah...2 great cooks..must have a great kitchen too.

Very impressive culinary skills.


Lilian said...

I know I'm speaking for Monica...but Great Cooks and us just aren't words you put together in one sentence, unless there's a NOT in it :P

mariposa said...

phwahhhh!! Such a huge spread!! Would have given me a nervous breakdown leh..


Lilian said...

:) There was one more vegetable dish brought by my guest. And I also contemplated making tomyam soup but changed my mind only cos I ran out of lime.

mariposa said...

Tell me the time-line of everything, when you started marketing, preparing, cooking, etc..

Must learn something leh..

Eh, did your hubby pay you for this or not?? Saved him major bucks you know..


Syed Danial said...

the food looks so so good! haha.i dont think we are able to cook like this ourselves :)

Lilian said...

YY: You funny lah. I already had most of the ingredients, so only needed to buy soft drinks, cream and butter for the cake and chicken. Curry chicken is easylah, did it a couple of days earlier, using A1 sauce. On Saturday, took wings out to thaw. Contemplated baking cake, but was very lazy and procrastinated till it was 5pm then started scrambling :) Cake-baking, icing etc took me till past 9pm. In the meantime, pounded garlic and ginger and marinated wings.

What else, soak dry chilly, grind chilli. Soak 2 fistful of dried shrimps before I went to bed.

Woke up early morning. Soak dried chilly for kungpow chicken. Remove chicken and thaw. Grind dried shrimps, grind shallots, garlic, ginger. Cube chicken and marinate for kungpow.

2.5 hours before guests arrive. Fry dried shrimps, tumis shallots etc, soak beehoon, then fry beehoon. Done. Most mafan is the beehoon lah, so much work.

One hour before guests arrive, bake wings. When wings in oven, cut some shallots, garlic and ginger, start cooking kungpow chicken.

Half hour before guests arrive, order pizza. In between all these, set table. Oh, cook rice too. That's it.

Danial: Don't be modestlah, I'm sure you guys cook up a storm. If you can ask around and find me a surefire sambal udang recipe, I'll be very grateful. My guest Mustafa says he heard of a post-grad med student who can cater very good briyani.

mariposa said...

Phwaahhhh! Major operation leh! Project Dinner Party. I've always admired people (including my mom) who can do whole feasts, like CNY eve dinners, Thanksgivings, etc. I've only been game enough for potlucks.. (hee). Perhaps personal target for 2010 would be to do a multi-course dinner for some festivity (but only inviting a few close friends who wouldn't balk at any mishaps.. haha)

Nowadays with both older kids away, cooking is too 'sinnang' already. Just one meat (usually grilled or panfried slab of meat) with baked potatoes and salad.


Lilian said...

Ya, I know what you mean. I'm nowhere near my mum's standard. My dad had loads of friends and he was always holding Open House during CNY or birthday. My mum ended up cooking everything, and her dishes are garnished nicely, and she also has canapes (well, Chinese style ones) and catered for many many people coming in and out. Mine is chicken feed in comparison.

Oh, she was also a full-time working mum then. I'm hanging my head down in shame...

mariposa said...

But I'll bet she didn't have to write blogs or take photos everywhere she goes...!!

Have you ever shown her your blog? You know, that's what 21st century moms have to do nowadays, you know? hee.. She'll probably think all this is TOO way beyond her..

YY. :->

Lilian said...

I've shown her now and again, but I'm too impatient to scroll thru too much for her and she doesn't show that much interest anyway.