Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Settrade Young Musician 2010

My friend May's son Kant won the Gold Prize in a competition in Thailand two days ago. Video is of him playing La Campanella. I remember he was practising this piece when we visited Bangkok in September last year and how his mum said it was only 75% performance-ready even though I thought it sounded fantastic. Since then, they've been to Moscow twice and he's performed in a number of concerts and competitions. He appeared on many Russian newspapers and was even featured in a television interview.

I am incredibly happy for May as I have seen the amount of effort, hard work, sweat and tears that go into this. It's amazing what God-given talent combined with sheer grit and hard work can achieve. Well done Kant and mummy too of course!

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Puzzled by Puzzles! said...

Amazing talent!
I am sure he has worked very hard to reach where he is now.