Friday, January 15, 2010

Really a fishy tale this time

This is one of those things you probably wanna say you've done once in your life. It's a very strange experience but I did it. On my last day in Singapore, I was running errands but wanted to finish up my last hour of Kenko massage package. But instead of an hour, I wanted a 1.5 hour massage, more satisfying.

I passed by this Kenko outlet which had a promo, Free 30 min fish spa with 30 min of massage purchased. Hmmm...okayyy, why not? So I took the plunge.

Eeeeeeeks, the first minute of plunging my legs into the water was so icky and ticklish. I was the first and only customer so the water was really clean and the fishes really hungry. They came swarming to my legs and I went, Yeeeeeeee!! Either they were really hungry or my legs are really dirty and full of dead skin cells, which they're said to be nibbling away.

Once the first minute of discomfort is over, the rest of the 30 minutes was just sitting there and having little tingling massaging sensations on my legs and feet. As I was sitting there, I said this will be my first and last time. Never again.

But after it was all over, and I'm not sure if I'm imagining it, my legs and feet felt really clean and renewed. So who knows, I might pay the fishes a visit again some time.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I am a silent reader of your blog, and I rea;lly enjoy it. I did the fish spa too, and I had the same initial feelings, I later fell in love with it. Too bad they are prohibited in USA (my current location).

monlim said...

I heard about this, it's all the rage now, it seems. But you know ah, your picture got me all puzzled - I can't work out what I'm seeing in the photo even though I'm staring hard at it!!

Domesticgoddess said...

Yikes! I am always curious but not brave enough to try. I can't imagine putting my feet in there for fishes to eat away my skin. Makes me think of piranhas. :>

Lilian said...

Hi Lee, glad you're no longer just lurking, welcome :) While I was doing the fish spa, I was texting a friend, and she told me there were cases of infection. When I asked the spa consultant about this, she said the cases of infection were in the US, not in Singapore. Wonder if that's why they are banned in US.

Monica, you very funny lah, haha, you're staring at my chubby feet lah, I'm taking the photo from the top looking down.

Lilian said...

DG: You so genteel haha, I can't imagine you putting your dainty feet into water where strangers' feet have been! Yes, yes, a bit like piranhas...haha, now I've scared everyone away.

Anonymous said...

Lilian, I look & look at the picture, finally figure out your feet...LOL, camoflage under all the fishes.

I have yet to experience this. But I very scare of tickle one, dunno can take the fish nibbling my feet or not.


Lilian said...

Hee hee...aiyah, try lah, not as if asking you to bungee jump...which is one thing I would never ever do!