Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The NASA Insignia

At bedtime, Sean suddenly decides to tell me about a sticker he received at the NASA talk he went to last Friday. On Friday, the astronaut did not just give one talk, but spoke in a number of sessions throughout the day for the different grades. I'm not sure why but after Sean's class was done with their session and returned to their class, Ms Jayne took Sean up to another venue where the astronaut was giving the talk to the higher graders. Sean was left there with another teacher, and during Q&A time, he asked the astronaut a question. And that was how he was given the sticker.

He got out of bed, got the sticker from his schoolbag and showed it to me.

Behind the sticker it says this: The NASA Insignia reflects the history and tradition of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Designed in 1959 and more commonly referred to as the "meatball", the NASA Insignia contains the following elements: the sphere representing a planet, the stars representing space, the vector representing aeronautics, and the orbit representing space travel.

Brian says only 5 questions were allowed for each session and he never got the chance to ask cos everyone was clamouring to ask.

Sean thinks (and there's no confirmation of this whatsoever) that stickers are only given to those who ask "very good" questions. *cough*egomaniac-alert*cough*

And his "very good" question?: What's on the other side of the black hole?



monlim said...

Hey, that's an excellent question! So what's the answer??

Lilian said...

Excellent? LOL! Not related to the talk at all.

The answer from the astronaut was "I don't know", of course! haha.

Hsien said...

It's so obvious why he got the sticker. He got it for being a precocious cutie!

Lilian said...

Hee hee...You're feeding his ego!

lestat01 said...

The answer is... William Shatner! lol

God thing he's in to science.

Lilian said...

That made me laugh out loud! William Shatner indeed...so that's where he's been since I last saw him in Boston Legal :P