Saturday, January 09, 2010

More than a fishy tale

Something we don't get to do in Moscow...Go for a stroll after dinner and be thrilled by animal exhibits in HDB shops. I had spotted a big golden arowana in a huge aquarium outside a shop and quickly led the boys in. Expecting to see only aquarium fishes, we were pleasantly surprised to see the boys' favourite animals to talk about, tortoises :)

A closer look at Sean's pet topic.

Brian used to have a Ty Jellyfish soft-toy named Goochie some years ago, but it (together with some other Ty toys) was decapitated by me as punishment for continuously losing things and being cavalier about it :P

Oooh, lobster sashimi anyone? Too bad this one is smaller than the size of your palm.


Hsien said...

Turtles appear to be popular pets now. The shop where we bought our fish had a sign talking about the commitment it takes to have a terrapin because they grow to be quite large and live for a long time. Frankly, we're all sick of the angelfish we have. Surprisingly, our original fish have all survived even though I wish otherwise. hahaa

Lilian said...

Poor unloved :) You must be a good pet-owner, my fish never survive for long in my hands.

Hsien said...

We just decided today that we've had enough of the angelfish. Going to give them away and start with a new tank of something else. :)

I had my helper take down a jar with one of the fish in it today labeled "Free to good home." Before she even had a chance to put the jar on top of the mailboxes, someone said they wanted it. "Only one?" lol

Elan said...

Decapitated his soft toys!!!???
Lillian, if I did that my son would literally never speak to me again. How did you do it - scissors? Maybe I should let D read it so he will be warned. He is forever losing things especially his specs, I want to surgically graft them to his face.

Lilian said...

Hahaha...aiyah, I'm really mean lah. This happened in London when he was about 9, I think.

It was the start of the school year and he had new school uniforms which included swimtrunks, blazer, scarf etc. 2nd day of school he lost his scarf. Then he lost his swim bag. The next week, he lost his swim bag again. The pool was located away from the school.

What really got me furious was the 2nd time he lost his swim stuff, when I nagged at him, he retorted with, "We can always buy another swimming trunks right?" I was soooo mad to hear him say that. I stayed supercool, calmly told him I won't scold or cane him, since that doesn't work. The only thing that would work was if I 'executed' his friends.

I knowlah, super cruel, but at the time, I just cannot tahan anymore. Didn't want to scold, nag, cane anymore. So there he was begging and screaming and crying pitifully, as I cut the heads of his Ty Jellyfish, Ty Goat, Ty Pelican, and Piglet I think. He really thought they were real and were his friends. Sean just sat shell-shocked looking at tiny white pearly balls pouring out of the decapitated toys and his korkor crying like never before.

Eddie thought I was too much. That was how big a part of our world the toys were then. Anyway, for a long time, Brian never lost anything again. :P So it works hehe, tell that to D!

And so far, no long-term emotional distress haha, we talk and laugh about this often over the years :P