Monday, January 18, 2010

Jumbo for seafood

In Singapore, everyone has their opinion on which seafood restaurant has the best crab. I've heard people rave about No Signboard (tried once, didn't like their white pepper crab), Long Beach (never tried), Red House (tried a couple of times, not very memorable)...and recently my Moscow friends Roy and Lynn took us to their favourite one somewhere near Tanjong Pagar, I forget the name.

But for Eddie and I, and now Brian of course, our favourite place to eat crab is still Jumbo. No other place prepares black pepper crab the way Jumbo does, and the taste has stayed fairly consistent since we first went to the restaurant in 1993. I remember the year cos Eddie first went to the restaurant during a company dinner when he and his batch mates were trainee station managers. Subsequently, the group started having a monthly payday gathering here, with girlfriends joining in the feast.

No trip back to Singapore is complete without one Jumbo seafood dinner. In recent years, Brian has started joining in the fun, and I no longer get to have all the big claws to myself.

Jumbo gets really busy so I made sure to call up first so that I don't end up getting tiny crustaceans. This past Thursday, I called and asked if there were any 1.2-1.3kg crabs, and the lady said she would reserve 2 for me. Sneaky fellas, when we got there, they said there were only 1.1kg crabs left. Based on past experience, without reserving, they are likely to give you small crabs of around 900g, which is really not shiok lah.

What we had on Thursday. Drunken prawns. They don't do it anymore but in the past they would actually bring the bowl of live prawns, pour alcohol over them, and the prawns would jump up and down inside the bowl. Cruel eh? Well, Jumbo drunken prawns are still as good today as they were 17 years ago. They're so succulent and sweet.

Sigh...even at a seafood restaurant, we cannot escape from having a porky dish. Eddie's usual order of sweet and sour pork. Thankfully, this time, it was quite nice.

Yongchow fried rice for Sean...cos he won't eat the other food. I know, we should train him...lazylah. The fried rice wasn't nice, and he ate very little that night.

We also ordered Otar (no photo) which was quite nice and this chicken and beef satay, DO NOT ORDER Satay here, they're terrible.

A big pile of Kangkung even though we ordered a small portion. Was okay, couldn't finish this.

Chilli crab with yummy gravy and...

Man tou for dipping.

And the highlight of any Jumbo visit, the black pepper crab. I can't quite describe the taste, those of you who've eaten this please help me. It's spicy, fragrant, and somewhat buttery...I love it.


Roslyn said...

Heng ah! I'm not feeling hungry now. :p

monlim said...

We love the Jumbo chili crab (somehow we're not pepper crab fans). In fact, my kids love crab so much that I never end up with the claws anymore! So sian. We also love the now-popular salted egg crab. Very very yummy, we like the one at Big Eater in a little corner in Bedok. Should have gone when you were back! Never mind lah, next time...

Lilian said...

Roslyn: Really heng ah, I'm also not hungry now :P

Mon: Your kids really very adventurous lah...both can take spicy food? This time, I managed to get two claws, 1 of each...Eddie took 1 and Brian the other. I don't really like the non-claw parts, not shiok. I've never heard of salted-egg crab, I think Eddie will love it, since he loves salted eggs so much. Must try.

monlim said...

Yah, my kids love eating lah, can't you tell? lol Andre never complains of food being spicy if it's something he likes, like chili crab or otah. But give him sayah lodeh, immediately complain spicy! Vege mah, haha.

More restaurants now selling salted egg crab but we've yet to find one that beats Big Eater :)

Lilian said...

haha...I agree with Andre...sayur lodeh is verrrrry spicy :P Brian is like me, likes spicy food, but he hasn't graduated to cili padi yet. I first had cili padi when I was 12, never looked back since haha. Sean doesn't like spicy food, dunno why, I breastfed him for more than 9 months, so he should have gotten used to spicy taste mah :)

Puzzled by Puzzles! said...

For us, it's Butter crab from Melben every trip back! Yum!
We love black pepper crabs too but the kids find them too spicy.

Puzzled by Puzzles! said...

Forgot to comment on the Drunken Prawns. One of my favourite too! Another must-have for us to order is the crispy baby squid.
U are good. Still managed to take pics for all, except the otah. I always forget. By the time I remember, the plates would have been empty! :P
I am sooooo hungry now.

Lilian said...

The otar was the first to arrive, that's why no photo, just gobble down first!

Butter crab sounds I'm hungry. Where's Melben?

Anonymous said...

I like the crab bee hoon in Melben, in AMK blk 232 if i recall rightly.

Talking about drunken prawns, I think my hubby makes pretty good ones which we enjoy eating together over a piece of old newspapers and dumping all the shell on it. After eating, no cleaning required, just dump the newspapers with the shells in it. That is men's cooking for you, no presentation and no fuss, just eat! LOL.

My dd will love the man tou...Fabu-licious food picture


Lilian said...

This Melben place seems pretty well-known.

I like your style of eating drunken-prawns, very efficient, no cleaning required!

petite fleur said...

OMG you were back in Singapore. I'm SO behind.....That should teach me to read the blogs more often.

If you like black pepper crabs then you have to try Eng Seng @ Joo Chiat. In my humble opinion, the best black pepper crabs. Like Monica, we love salted egg crab as well - very high cholesterol but who cares. Actually our whole family, N, X & I - we all love crabs.

Lilian said...

I know all about your family's love of crabs. You even have a crabby birth story hahaha!