Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ice-skating season begins

On Monday, when Brian went back to school, his 80-minute PE lesson was now ice-skating lesson. This year's winter is colder than the past two years'. This means the rink is likely to stay iceskate-worthy. In the first year, I think the boys only had about 4 lessons during the entire season, cos some days the rink would be too wet cos temperatures had gone up the previous day.

Well, after 80 minutes out in about minus 18C, when he came home, Brian's face looked like he had some kind of cold rash. His right ear was also really red and puffy and was painful to touch. Not sure what caused this...I was thinking, "Frostbite? Yikes." I still think 80 minutes out in that kind of cold is crazy.

Well, today, there was PE, and hence ice-skating for both boys. It was a really cold day. When Brian came back, he said they were given a choice to either ice-skate or play basketball/soccer indoors. Thankfully, he chose to play indoors. The teacher said they will be given such a choice only when the temperature falls below minus 20C, and today it was minus 24C. His ear is also fine now, but I don't think it would have recovered if he had continued to be out today.

Sean, meanwhile, did have ice-skating today. Maybe the teachers think it's fine to be out at minus 24C if it's not for too long, and his PE lasts only 30 min. He came back with no complaints, except to say he fell down just once the entire lesson.


mariposa said...

Did he get those red ears even with hats/toques/ear muffs?


monlim said...

Yikes, out for 80 mins at - 18 degrees celcius? I would've been an ice block by then! Don't the kids wear ear muffs or some hat that covers the ears? Must have been really painful. But ice-skating does sound so fun!

Lilian said...

He said he had his jacket hood on, and of course they also have their helmets on. Also, midway while adjusting his helmet, he said he might have gotten some ice/snow onto his ear. Anyway, this isn't the first time I've seen his ears look like this, ie, warm, swollen and reddish-pink...but now I can pinpoint the cause, cold. In the past, I thought he may have been bitten by a gnat or something.

Next week, I'll make sure he wears a beanie hat that really covers the ears.