Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Okay, this post is one day late, but I'm gonna cheat and have it backdated. By the way, Merry Christmas too.

I'm logging in from a coffeeshop 30 seconds walk from my mum's house in Malacca. Every morning (except Thursday when the shop is closed), I will walk over, wake my Dell from sleep, order a warm home-made barley and have a plate of 3-in-1 (cheecheongfun, yamcake and pumpkin). Some days, the cheecheongfun lady doesn't sell cheecheongfun :), only meesiam, and on those days, I'll just have my barley.

There is also nasilemak, fried mee and some other food in the coffeeshop which I'm not keen on. Sean, who has been a spoilsport on all the local Malacca food we tapao home, loves the garlic bread here. So he'll sit with me, have his garlic bread, before leaving me to my Dell and the internet :)

So Eddie made it back to Malacca on New Year's Eve from Moscow. It was nice to be together as a family on the last day of the year though we didn't do anything special. By the stroke of midnight, all four of us were huddled in one bedroom, Sean was fast asleep, while the 3 of us had just finished watching a silly Cantonese movie on TV about a serial killer who chops parts of the victim's body so the victim is exactly 70 pounds...LOL!

On New Year's Day, we watched Sherlock Holmes at the Melaka Mall Cineplex. 2A2C tickets came to RM24! That's about S$2.50 each to watch a movie. Wahhh, still so cheap. Can't say the same about food prices in Malacca now, which is getting ridiculously high while quality is deteriorating at the same time. Will post about that another day.


I'm not a resolutions kind of person. I make and break resolutions on a daily, not yearly, basis. But one thing is for sure, this is the year where I need to focus on ME. What that actually means, I don't quite know yet. Hopefully, you guys have a clearer focus on what you wanna do or even not do in 2010. Whatever it is, I wish everyone a bountiful, blessed, healthy and happy year ahead. Not sure why, but I feel good about this year :)


monlim said...

Wah, the kopitiam food looks yummy - got internet access some more, can't be beat! So this is where you play MouseHunt while enjoying local fare huh?

A very very happy 2010 to you too, my friend!

LadyB said...

Happy New Year to you & your love ones!!!! May there be many more exciting and enjoyable moments to come.....of course happy mouse hunting too!!!

Elan: if you r reading this, tks for the info & happy New Year to you & family too!

Ga Bei!

Hsien said...

Looks so yummy!

2009 wore me out so I'm hoping 2010 won't be so much of a slog.

Happy New Year!

Lilian said...

Mon: Yeah, the food's not bad, and it's away from the main eating area about 70m away where there's loads more eating places, so it's not as crowded, and I can surf in peace. I now know the ladyboss and her husband, they always say I can stay on even after they close for the day around noon, cos they'll still be there preparing the ingredients for the next day hehe.

LadyB: Ah, another mousehunting mummy? What rank are you now? :) Happy New Year to you and all at home!

Hsien: I'm glad to see the back of 2009, it was utterly exhausting! I'm also hoping 2010 will be a lot more relaxing. Happy 2010!

Baoying said...

Happy New Year, Guten Rutsch! How long are you in Melaka? I'm back in Malaysia from 10th Jan onwards, maybe we can meet up?

Lilian said...

Guten Rutsch! Bet the fireworks was fun in Frankfurt :) I've been back in Malacca since before Christmas. Cabuting in a couple of days to Singapore. Where will you be? JB or KL? Have fun feasting!

Elan said...

Dear Lillian,
Wah, my 3 favourite timsum in 1 plate ...drool...
What an "auspicious" way to see in the New Year!
Here's wishing you a wonderful, restful and stressfree 2010.

Does focusing on yourself include cooking (it's therapeutic for me - if so please post your recipes, hor?)

Too bad Brian and Chris are not in the same class this year - Did you know Brian's in the superclass (all the most powerful, 91% and above for all subjects every single time boys names are in that class list). Are you going for the parent's high tea on Friday? If so, see you there.

LadyB: You're welcome and Happy New Year to you and family too.

sD said...

aahh.u are back in malaysia! so nice :)

Rebekah Lou Taylor said...

I'm SO hungry now!

Lilian said...

sD & Rebecca: Yes, it's always nice to be back and to eat good food :)

Elan: Stressfree and restful will be the result of Focusing on Me I guess :) I don't really know what I find therapeutic, definitely not Baking, which is utterly stressful. I like cooking, but maybe if I had a helper to clean up and do the preparations, then it'll be therapeutic.

I feel the past year has taken a toll on me. I fall ill much more often than before. My immmunity needs much boosting Doc :)

Yeah, too bad about Chris and Brian. I was hoping the 6I kids would all get to be in the same class. We were happy to see quite a number of familiar names, who are also avid Mousehunters. I know there are a few power names there, the 270s kids, but there's a boy with the exact same PSLE score as Chris, so really don't know how they do the class allocation. I do know if Brian is back, he'll have to work like crazy to keep up.

Will try to go for the High Tea, catch up with you then!