Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Food from the neighbourhood

I grew up in a housing estate where food stalls/shops are just a few minutes' walk away. I've left home for more than 20 years, and in that time, many of my favourite hawkers have retired.

But there are still a few stalls that I like.

I really cannot resist this wantan mee. Towards the end of my trip though, I tried to order only Small portion, instead of Large at the start. It's really fragrant and the taste has been relatively consistent, unlike so many other food I tried this trip.

The wantan mee stall is relatively new, been around maybe 6 years or so, but I like it. Everyone in Malacca has their own opinion on which wantan mee is the best. In fact, right across this stall that I like is another wantan mee stall which my cousin and his Singaporean wife claim is much better.

I love Big Paos that are 'juicy'. The Big Paos in Singapore are always so dry. I'm used to Big Paos with gravy running down my forearm as I eat the Pao :) This trip back, the Pao wasn't as 'juicy' as before, so I was a little disappointed. But still not bad lah.

The only stall which I still know the seller from my childhood is this Chyetowkuey stall. I first patronised this push-cart stall when the seller's father was the one frying. Brian likes to eat this too.

Other popular stalls include Duck Noodle, and Charkueyteow (which Eddie likes).

Sean, meanwhile, will have none of the breakfast food from my old neighbourhood. Instead, he has cereal and milk! What will I do with this little fella? :(


Address: Sin Hoe Garden or Taman Sin Hoe in Bukit Baru (coming from the town centre towards North-South Highway, turn right at the Big straight for about a minute and turn left at Petronas Station. Turn right on the lane after Kelab Rally, all the food is there.

Wantan Mee: Farmosa Cafe & Restaurant (opposite big hawker centre); stall is last to open every day, around 9am, well after the other stalls open for business. Run by a chubby young chap (Cafe closes on Monday).

Big Pao: Dimsum seller at the corner of the big hawker centre.

Chyetowkuey: Pushcart outside wet market next to big hawker centre. Irregular opening days.

Charkueyteow (no photo): Hawker centre, breakfast, lunch and dinner available. New seller who took over the old owner, surprisingly quite good.

Duck Noodles (no photo): Popular at Farmosa Cafe & Restaurant.

Cheecheongfun, yam cake, pumpkin: There's a stall at Famosa Cafe & Restaurant, which is recommended in some websites/magazines, BUT someone new has taken over the stall, and it's not nice anymore. Used to be the best, especially the pumpkin. Now, I take my 3-in-1 (see 1 Jan 2010 post) at Bess Kopitiam, opposite the temple nearby.


Not everyone I know likes the wantan mee at Farmosa Cafe. My cousin's Singaporean wife likes the one at the shop right across. Another cousin likes the one at Lorong Bukit Cina (gotta ask the locals for directions). My brother likes the one in Kampung Lapan near Sekolah Menengah Tun Tuah (opens at night). Yet another famous one is Kedai Makanan & Minuman Wantan Mee - 40, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock (Heeren St) Opens 7.30am-2.30pm Closes on Wednesday.


Elan said...

Lillian please put down the addresses so that I can go and try the next time I'm in Melaka. We always have our breakfast at the stalls around Mahkota and they're all not very nice (mostly soggy roti prata or bland soup noodles).
That wan tan mee looks really springy .....drool....


Lilian said...

I've updated with address. You know, I've not eaten near Mahkota for years and years. Really don't know what's nice there. It's become so touristy, they built a mall right atop the Padang, I was quite upset.

Anonymous said...

Wantan mee is my favourite, I can eat that everyday!!


Anonymous said...

Love your food pictures, can never take it the same.. I also love chaitaokuey.... sinful but lovely.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ooops...sorry Lilian, can you shift my latest comment to Brian's first paycheck? posted in wrong place. :P


Lilian said...

QX, I cannot shift your comment lah, you should cut and paste your comment on the other post, then delete the ones here. Or no need lah :)

Anonymous said...

LOL...ok lor..leave it, don't know how to do editing in this comment page. Once submitted, it's not visible to me anymore...


Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.