Thursday, January 07, 2010

First 'job' and 'paycheck'

After returning to Moscow last October, Brian had a 5 or 6-week stint as an assistant teacher, well, that's what the job description said lah. I had received an email from the school's gifted/differentiation specialist which said, "I am offering an afterschool activity for 4th and 5th graders who love math and problem solving. It begins this Thursday at 3:30. Would Brian like to join us as an assistant teacher? I can't offer him any money or anything but I would be glad to buy him a snack of his choice. We will be working on math problems from past AMC 8 competitions and I am sure he would be a much bigger help than me for some of them. Even if he could come a few times that would be great!"

So after school every Thursday, he would rush from Middle School to Elementary school and help out at the club. He didn't accept the offer of the snack. But on the last day of the club, he came home with this gift certificate, worth 750 rubles, to be used at the PTO store. What a very nice gesture from the teacher, I thought.


monlim said...

Hey, that's wonderful! The gift is a bonus, it's the teaching opportunity that's the treasure. I always think student teachers are the best - gives the teacher experience and they're usually the best people to explain things to their peers.

btw i'm loving your one-post-a-day resolution - keep it up!

Lilian said...

You're right, the experience is definitely valuable in itself. Really didn't expect anything more in return.

Thanks, one week down, 51 more to go :P

Puzzled by Puzzles! said...

That's a nice thing he is doing! It a great opportunity to be able to do what he likes and help others too. ;)
When we were in Taiwan, J had a high school student who offered to stay back with him once a week (30mins) to just to talk abt Math. He really liked it!

Lilian said...

Yup, he enjoyed it...J can start doing the same for his peers too.

Puzzled by Puzzles! said...

Need a certain level of maturity in order to teach. Think mine is not there yet. Still behaves like a baby. lol.

Lilian said...

Haha, our last-borns are always like babies lah, cos we baby them! Many of my friends say I baby Sean, but can't help it lah, he's my last baby to baby :)

Re teaching, it may not be about maturity but about the child's personality. I remember being tasked at Form 1 (Sec 1) to help a classmate who was weak in Math. I was so resentful cos had to sit next to her instead of my close friends. And the way I taught her, aiyoh, like ogre...not much different from how I 'teach' my kids now haha. Super impatient, always with, "Like that lah!! Why you don't know!!!"

Brian, on the other hand, has always been patient, even from a young age, explaining to me or his grandma chess moves or some math stuff he read. Hmmm, I think I'll need him around for when Sean takes PSLE!