Friday, January 29, 2010

Favourite Moscow restaurant

Now, you guys should know by now that I'm pretty passionate about food. Living in London was heaven for a foodie like me, Moscow...not so much. In fact, I hardly venture out to the city as the eating out scene just isn't enticing enough for me to brave the terrible traffic. Yes, there are some excellent high-end restaurants such as Nobu and Nedalny Vostok, but those aren't places you'd go often, unless you have very deep pockets.

There is, however, one restaurant that I would actually miss when I'm away from Moscow. I actually love this place enough to say I'll think about it when I'm no longer in Moscow. And surprisingly, it's a western restaurant. A Russian-owned New York style steakhouse called Goodman Steak House.

I'm not a western food fan. In fact, when I was first introduced to this place by Eddie's predecessor's wife Kala, I wasn't keen at all. It was only on my subsequent visits that I started appreciating the quality of the food here.

The photos taken in very low light at the restaurant doesn't do justice to the food. I used to order steak here but have now come to really love their premier burger. It comes with pickles and fresh slice tomatoes, and onions and the patty is grilled really magnificently. It's just the best thing ever!


Brian and I love the Caesar Salad here too. I haven't found anything in Singapore close to this.

Now the Caesar Salad with grilled chicken alone costs 450 rubles on its own, that's about S$20...BUT...when we go during weekday lunch, the business lunch of a premier burger, a caesar salad with grilled chicken and a glass of juice, costs only 560 rubles, or about S$25!! Super worth it. I love coming here.

There are about 9 outlets in Moscow and last year, Goodman ventured to London, in Mayfair. In just a year, Goodman London has won rave reviews, with many reviewers putting its steak amongst the best in London.

Reviews from:

ViewLondon: A visit to Goodman should be for one thing: their steak. The quality of the meat, and the way it is cooked, is likely to be up there in terms of quality, with the best steak you have eaten. (4 stars out of 5)

Metro: The USDA prime rib-eye fills my plate with meat and heart with joy. The charcoal-scented aroma (they cook their meat here in a fancy-pants Josper barbecue oven from Spain) is intoxicating and my scary-looking Tramontina steak knife cuts through the tender flesh as though it were butter. A New York strip, or sirloin, is a closer-textured piece of meat but equally delectable… 'So what don't we like about Goodman?' I ask as we head back to the Tube. The silence speaks volumes. (4/5)

Good reviews from tripadvisor too.

Chances are not many will make it to Moscow, but those of you in London or visiting London, do check this place out. You won't regret it. But it seems like the pricing in London is higher than it is in Moscow...which is good for me! I'm definitely gonna have my fill at Goodman Moscow even more often now.


monlim said...

Waah, the burger looks really juicy! And for you to say any salad is good, must be lah LOL. But you're right, the prices are pretty steap. $20 for a caesar salad? Wow. Go have your set lunch a few more times before you leave!

Lilian said...

The best burger ever...really. Slightly charred on the outside and so tender and juicy on the inside.

Caesar salad with chicken in Singapore isn't very cheap either y'know. I tried at a few places and they are around that kind of price too after GST and service charge.