Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Favourite Malacca Chendol

Maybe it's nostalgia, but when it comes to chendol, my favourite will always be the original, the authentic, Clock Tower chendol in Malacca. The stall is so named cos it's located right across the historical Clock Tower.

The owner has been selling chendol in the same location for as long as I can remember. The road here used to be two-way, and after school, on our drive home, my dad would sometimes, usually on a very hot day, stop by and we'll have a thirst-quenching bowl of chendol each. Delicious.

I'll have to warn non-Malaccans that you'll probably not like this chendol. You've been warned. Eddie doesn't like it very much. For me, this is how chendol has always been, the colour is dull, light-green, not bright, dark green...the liquid is somewhat watery and not thick in coconut milk. On a very hot day, I can easily drink 2 bowls. I just love it. Don't try this, I can virtually guarantee you won't like it :)

You guys are better off having your fill of chendol at Nancy's Kitchen instead. See, it's thick and the chendol is the um, 'right' colour. Pfffft. I'll post about Nancy's Kitchen another day, it's a peranakan restaurant located off Jonker Street, on a lane called Jalan Hang Lekir. The food there is pretty good, can't say the same about most peranakan fare in Malacca.

Towards the end of Jonker Street, I saw long queues at this dessert shop Jonker Dessert which also sells chendol, specifically durian chendol. I've never heard of this shop, so I reckon it's new, and hence not authentic in my books :) So I didn't try this. Someone try and let me know how it is.

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