Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back to the Land of Borscht

So we managed to get seats back to Moscow. Back to spaseebas, pazhalstas and pawkas. The trip back to Singapore has been a fruitful one, and we're happy Brian got to experience his school's orientation.

I know I didn't manage to meet up with many people, but I know you guys understand. I'm terrible lah. I love everyone lots still.

A super short post, I know it's cheating, but I had so much packing to do today. And I'm on track, 2 consecutive weeks of posting on this blog. Bye all!


monlim said...

Looks like you got back safe and sound! Hope the car ride from the airport wasn't so bad this time and that you've got good weather :) So sian lah, now you're so far away again!

Lilian said...

Yeah back safe and sound. Minus 10 deg, better than minus 22 when we left in December. Car-ride back was okay, uneventful. Physically, I'm far away, but virtually, I'm nearer than when I'm in Malacca and Singapore (where I'm not 24/7 facing the computer)! ;)

breve1970 said...

Good to know that you are home safe and sound. Take good care, Lilian!

Lilian said...

Thanks Ann :)