Sunday, January 31, 2010

The World According to Americans

I got this off another blog (no link cos the owner seems quite private) and was tickled pink.

Anyone else noticed Africa isn't even featured? it doesn't exist!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My First Bookshop

Growing up in Malacca, we only had 2 bookshops, which were located next to each other very near the Clock Tower (where all the red buildings are). The building facade of one of them still has the bookshop's name, Lim Brothers. This shop, and its competitor, Tai Kwang/Tai Kuang (can't quite remember now) are no longer in business. The shop wasn't painted in red when I was a young girl. One day, some smart ass from the government suddenly decided to paint this entire row of shops here a ghastly red to match the Stadthuys (Dutch for Town Hall) nearby.

Googling Lim Brothers, I found out from this site that the shop closed its doors in 2001, 66 years after it first opened. The website's owner is the grandson of Lim Jit Chiang, who started the bookshop. There are some beautiful photos posted on the site, as well as fascinating history about the bookshop through the years.

We didn't have Times nor MPH or any of the big-named bookstores, just this tiny one and its neighbour (which didn't stock as many nice books) but this is where many Malaccans inculcated their love of reading. I remember spending afternoons here (after school and before activities like swimming or band) reading my fill of Enid Blyton. Couldn't afford the hefty price tag of Famous Five and Mallory Towers then, I think the books were about RM5 each, back in the late 1970s, which was a fortune for me :) We only got books for birthdays and after examination results.

So I would crouch here along the shop's aisles and read as much as I could of the books I love. I don't remember ever being chased out. I wasn't always free-riding, I do remember buying an Archie comic once.

Today in Malacca, you have the big-named, faceless, bookshops in the big malls, and bookshops which we grew up with like Lim Brothers are no more. It's the same with all other things, the modern replaces the old, and I don't really recognise my hometown very much anymore.

It's sad.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Favourite Moscow restaurant

Now, you guys should know by now that I'm pretty passionate about food. Living in London was heaven for a foodie like me, Moscow...not so much. In fact, I hardly venture out to the city as the eating out scene just isn't enticing enough for me to brave the terrible traffic. Yes, there are some excellent high-end restaurants such as Nobu and Nedalny Vostok, but those aren't places you'd go often, unless you have very deep pockets.

There is, however, one restaurant that I would actually miss when I'm away from Moscow. I actually love this place enough to say I'll think about it when I'm no longer in Moscow. And surprisingly, it's a western restaurant. A Russian-owned New York style steakhouse called Goodman Steak House.

I'm not a western food fan. In fact, when I was first introduced to this place by Eddie's predecessor's wife Kala, I wasn't keen at all. It was only on my subsequent visits that I started appreciating the quality of the food here.

The photos taken in very low light at the restaurant doesn't do justice to the food. I used to order steak here but have now come to really love their premier burger. It comes with pickles and fresh slice tomatoes, and onions and the patty is grilled really magnificently. It's just the best thing ever!


Brian and I love the Caesar Salad here too. I haven't found anything in Singapore close to this.

Now the Caesar Salad with grilled chicken alone costs 450 rubles on its own, that's about S$20...BUT...when we go during weekday lunch, the business lunch of a premier burger, a caesar salad with grilled chicken and a glass of juice, costs only 560 rubles, or about S$25!! Super worth it. I love coming here.

There are about 9 outlets in Moscow and last year, Goodman ventured to London, in Mayfair. In just a year, Goodman London has won rave reviews, with many reviewers putting its steak amongst the best in London.

Reviews from:

ViewLondon: A visit to Goodman should be for one thing: their steak. The quality of the meat, and the way it is cooked, is likely to be up there in terms of quality, with the best steak you have eaten. (4 stars out of 5)

Metro: The USDA prime rib-eye fills my plate with meat and heart with joy. The charcoal-scented aroma (they cook their meat here in a fancy-pants Josper barbecue oven from Spain) is intoxicating and my scary-looking Tramontina steak knife cuts through the tender flesh as though it were butter. A New York strip, or sirloin, is a closer-textured piece of meat but equally delectable… 'So what don't we like about Goodman?' I ask as we head back to the Tube. The silence speaks volumes. (4/5)

Good reviews from tripadvisor too.

Chances are not many will make it to Moscow, but those of you in London or visiting London, do check this place out. You won't regret it. But it seems like the pricing in London is higher than it is in Moscow...which is good for me! I'm definitely gonna have my fill at Goodman Moscow even more often now.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Moscow Circus in Universitet

Friends have been telling me I should definitely try to catch the Moscow Circus as it is quite an experience. In November, after returning from Singapore, I finally managed to persuade Eddie to get tickets for all of us. We made our way towards Universitet, a metro station near the Moscow State University. There are 2 main circuses in Moscow, another one is the old one in Tsvetnoi Bulvar; the one we went to is the modern, supposedly more sophisticated and entertaining one.

The Moscow Circus. Looks pretty impressive and modern from the outside.

Even though everyone had tickets in their hands, we all still had to queue to enter the building. It was cold outside.

Along the circumference of the building are coat-hanging areas and also snack bars with very expensive cotton candy, popcorn and soda.

Went inside and was rather underwhelmed, the arena was really small, and the wooden seats looked rather old-fashioned. Uh-oh...remember now, I have a reluctant Eddie and Sean in my party.

The Leong men chomping down on popcorn and looking rather out of place amongst the sea of Russian children and their parents. Besides us, there were a few small groups of Korean-looking businessmen, but I would say most of the audience are locals.

And the show begins...

The Russian audience loved the clowns and the loud music. Lots of clapping. We clapped along too. I don't think Sean did.

This post is a picture-heavy one, but I think the photos I put up only reflect about a tenth of the stuff that was on show. It was a long, long show, and when we thought it was over, it was actually just an intermission.

Here, they bring in furry, cute dogs to perform stunts. See the scantily clad ladies, well, there was an abundance of them throughout the show. A feast for the eyes for sure! We're talking tiny thongs here, and jewelled-studded brassieres that leave very little to the imagination. Not quite the family show we're used to back home.

And see that guy wearing black on the right of the photo. He's the circus ring-master, and he's got a really cruel look about him. I started feeling really lousy when he whipped the animals, not these doggies, but the lions, tigers, camels later on.

Next came the camels, with scantily clad ladies writhing atop them...hahaha, well the writhing may be all in my head lah haha...The camels look really sad with their big, pleading eyes.

There were lots more but all the shows went by in a blur, I don't remember much of it. We're just not used to this, feels like a bombardment of the senses.

These 5 mummified acrobats entered to the sound of Michael Jackson's Thriller.

A Unicorn!!! :) I have to admit this fairy-tale like scene did look really nice.

In total, there were about 4 stage changes. They do this in the dark, and direct your attention elsewhere, usually to some other performance higher up. This time when we looked down, and the light was turned to the stage, it was a caged stage. The poor animals in here performed and got whipped often :(

Caged stage taken away, and suddenly animals like ostriches, caribous (I think), and other African animals made their appearance. No performance, just appearing for us to see. Very strange.

Oh, there were a few hedgehogs running around the stage, just running round and round. The picture is so blur, but I wanted to take this cos it reminded me of Monica! And I never knew hedgehogs were so huge!

Now, this is towards the end. Remember there were lots more stuff I didn't show here, just so much, too much for us. I had been told by my friends May and Lynn about the stage changing into one with water on it, so was prepared not to be distracted. You see everyone is looking upwards cos something was going on while they changed the stage. I was focused on finding out how they did the change. The entire stage was actually moved mechanically to the side, and then a smaller arena comes, actually I can't explain how they did it. You've gotta go see it yourself :P

Water begins to fill up this stage rapidly.

Ahhh, fountain...very nice :)

A boxing kanga fighting a human boxer and finally pushing him off the ring into the water. This is followed by a seal performance, not Seal the singer, but seal the animal.


Well, only Brian had a good attitude about the show and said he enjoyed it. Me? I could hardly wait for it to end. Eddie just looked perplexed and when we came out, we just laughed! Sean was the worst lah, in the first place he didn't want to go...he pronounced it SB+, from Mousehunt's Super Brie Plus, he changed it to "Super Boring Plus!"

We're just sad folks lah, so jaded, so spoilt by modern tv and movie fare that such shows just seem 'kitsch' to us. I mean, the rest of the audience seem to enjoy themselves thoroughly. My friend May even came to this circus 4 times! And she said each time, the show is different, and this one with the water stage is the best! May had to come 4 times cos she accompanied her friends who visited her from Thailand. Now if anyone visited us and wanted to go to the circus, I'd be happy to buy tickets and take them to the venue, but I ain't sitting through the entire show again.

But that's me, very uncultured, I mean, I don't even enjoy Cirque De Soleil. Did I hear GASPS?? hahaha...It's just a bunch of people jumping and bouncing up and down, I mean, I can watch about 10 minutes of that, and then, I switch off.

My Singapore friends Lynn and Roy also watched the circus, TWICE! And they were the ones who egged us to go for the show. Maybe we went in with high expectations (but I think not). I told Lynn how we felt about the show and she still said it was 'nice what..." hahaha, and suggested I go watch ballet. ???!!!

So yeah, that's our experience with the Moscow Circus. Something to say we've been there, done that, and something that every visitor to Moscow should probably try to catch...but we're never doing it again :) (I know the circus is a national icon, but I figure if everyone stops watching, then the animals can go free and won't be whipped by that cruel circus master anymore.)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Bout with Bell's Palsy

A week of so before my 40th birthday last August, I was struck with Bell's Palsy. Bell's Palsy results in a loss of facial muscle control, usually on one side, and is actually a diagnosis by elimination, ie, after the doctor rules out causes such as stroke or brain tumour, the diagnosis will be Bell's Palsy.

I started writing about my scary experience but never got round to posting it. But here it is, maybe it could help someone out there. According to my blog reader Mariposa (YY), who's a medical doctor, Bell's Palsy tends to strike those between 15 and 45, and also affects more pregnant than non-pregnant women. Er, no, I'm not and was not pregnant :P

This was written on 28 August 2009

It all started a week plus ago. Probably Wednesday night when I felt an achy sensation behind my ear, near to my neck. Somehow I felt this wasn't my usual neck/shoulder ache.

Went for a massage in the morning with Hsien. The 2 hour Javanese scrub/massage was excellent but while it eased up the knots in other parts of my body, I noticed the ache behind my ear was still there. Wondering if it was an ear infection.

Woke up with slightly numb feeling near my eye. Didn't have a good feeling about this. My friend Karen, who had given birth just 2 weeks back, was craving for sashimi, and we decided to go for Japanese buffet lunch at IMM. I wasn't good company cos I knew something wasn't right. My mouth was feeling numb, and so was my tongue, and when I told Karen about my eye, she noticed that my right eye was blinking slower than my left.

Called my friend Li Ping cos I remember a mutual friend of ours had a similar experience after she gave birth and for that friend, her face drooped completely and it took months before she recovered. I was getting worried.

Went to my friend Slim's house where she was having a session with our acupuncturist friend Dr Liu. Dr Liu said she's seen many cases in China and it's not a biggie. The Chinese believe this is caused by cold wind...I'll talk about possible triggers later.

Had an acupuncture session at Slim's place and went home feeling more at ease. When I told Hsien about what Dr Liu said about wind, she gingerly suggested that I sought a second opinion. Decided to sleep on it.


Woke up feeling worse than the previous day. Getting worried now. Walked to Paragon to see a GP, who said it was Bell's Palsy. Referred me to a neurologist but said I should go to Tan Tock Seng Hospital's A&E first. Went straight to TTSH A&E, my first ever experience going to an A&E in Singapore. Bloody expensive, $85 and I didn't even get to see a neurologist or any specialist, I still had to see a GP. Was given a blood sugar test, blood pressure, ECG and everything turned up normal. GP was a very nice Filipino chap and after a couple of tests, diagnosed it as Bell's Palsy and referred me to an ENT specialist. He said my case was very mild and he could hardly tell; I was given a 4-hourly anti-viral 10-day course medicine.


Face is as numb as the previous day if not worse. Nothing to do but take my medicine till I see the ENT specialist on Monday. My right eye was not closing well and I had to tape it shut when I went to sleep lest it became too dry.

Another acupuncture session, this time at Dr Liu's clinic near Tanjong Pagar.


To TTSH again. Hearing test done, generally okay but not perfect. ENT specialist was a young and very cute doctor with excellent bedside manners. He ruled out Herpes Zoster virus as my inner ears were fine. Confirmed it was Bell's Palsy. Assured me mine was a very mild case and I should recover well. Gave me a 10-day course of Prednisone (steroids). I was concerned about the side effects but he assured me it's fine if taken on a short-term basis.

Another massage, a birthday treat from Li Ping at Beyond Beauty. Massage was good but I was distracted. Went for tea at Cedele after that, and talked to Li Ping with my sunglasses on the entire time. My eye was getting too dry cos it's not blinking enough and I even had to hold it down myself. At night, I continued to tape my eye shut to sleep. This is important to prevent cornea injury. Sunglasses is also important to prevent dust/particles from entering the eye. Ideally, stay home and don't go out lah.


Feeling much worse. Very dry eye, face number than before. Ache behind the ear comes and goes. Kept going on the net to research more about Bell's Palsy, so that I'd feel better! Symptoms said to peak around the 4th-5th day after first symptom. I hoped this was the peak.

Taped my eye shut for the night.


Not sure if it was the taping of the eye, but my eye was slightly swollen when I woke up. Felt worse than the previous day. Hsien dropped by in the morning to drop me a book and some toys for Sean and she said she could definitely tell the right side of my face was different, especially the eye. By late morning, my eye felt better but still very dry.

Lisa came by to pick me up for Japanese lunch. When I told her I had Bell's Palsy, she said she could hardly tell. She's had friends with Bell's Palsy and their faces drooped terribly. Lunch was good and I was starting to feel a little better.

By evening, my eye didn't feel dry anymore. I didn't tape it shut to sleep at night.


Woke up feeling better. Another acupuncture session with Dr Liu. Love these sessions, very relaxing. Brian checked and said he can no longer see the white of my right eye when I close it.


720am now, woke up feeling better than yesterday. Numbness still there but I believe the worst is over.


Different people have been telling me what they think are the causes but no one really knows for sure:

1. Dr Liu says it's due to a sudden wave of cold air blasting against my face. Can't rule this out cos I was sitting while surfing the internet in a position in my room with the air conditioning blasting against my right side. She said she sees partial facial paralysis cases often during winter in China.
2. Lisa says a friend of hers who lives in Australia opened the door of his refrigerator one day and after a blast of cold air from the fridge, felt his face droop immediately.
3. A doctor says it's a latent virus which remains dormant till triggered when my immunity is low. Possible since a couple of weeks earlier I was down with flu, which I suspect was H1N1.
4. My own suspicion which has no proven medical's a side effect from the Tamiflu I took for the H1N1 I had two weeks earlier.

Bell's Palsy takes 2-3 weeks to recover from for mild cases, and up to 3-6 months for more serious cases. It is self-limiting, ie, patients recover even without medicine, but for some patients, there can be permanent residual effects.

I'm grateful that it took only about 3 weeks for me to recover fully. I prayed really hard for healing and trust me, it was a very humbling and scary experience. Scary cos you wonder if you'd ever recover and if you'd recover completely. Humbling cos we often take our health for granted, and when something like this happens, you no longer are preoccupied with the trivial things in life like money or possessions, you just want to get all better again.

Here's to good health for all of us!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The NASA Insignia

At bedtime, Sean suddenly decides to tell me about a sticker he received at the NASA talk he went to last Friday. On Friday, the astronaut did not just give one talk, but spoke in a number of sessions throughout the day for the different grades. I'm not sure why but after Sean's class was done with their session and returned to their class, Ms Jayne took Sean up to another venue where the astronaut was giving the talk to the higher graders. Sean was left there with another teacher, and during Q&A time, he asked the astronaut a question. And that was how he was given the sticker.

He got out of bed, got the sticker from his schoolbag and showed it to me.

Behind the sticker it says this: The NASA Insignia reflects the history and tradition of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Designed in 1959 and more commonly referred to as the "meatball", the NASA Insignia contains the following elements: the sphere representing a planet, the stars representing space, the vector representing aeronautics, and the orbit representing space travel.

Brian says only 5 questions were allowed for each session and he never got the chance to ask cos everyone was clamouring to ask.

Sean thinks (and there's no confirmation of this whatsoever) that stickers are only given to those who ask "very good" questions. *cough*egomaniac-alert*cough*

And his "very good" question?: What's on the other side of the black hole?


Monday, January 25, 2010

Remembering our 40th

Speaking of turning 40, Eddie and I hit the dreaded age almost 5 months ago.

I turned 40 first. The boys and I were in Singapore then. I've posted this on Facebook so some of you would have seen this. The boys singing me a birthday song, which was nice and very sweet :), and which was why I made them sing it again so I could record it :P

Three days later, Eddie turned 40. When the boys woke up, and were still bleary-eyed and in the clothes they slept in, I made them sing a birthday song for him, so I could quickly email it to him in Moscow. Don't ask me why Sean was licking his lips and sticking his tongue out like a monkey, I don't remember now.

Check out the differential treatment. At the end of my song, I got a hug from Sean, at the end of Eddie's, he got a "You might be fat though..." from Sean. He he he...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday welcome lunch

We had Eddie's colleagues over for lunch today. It's kind of a welcome for the Engineer Zoe and his family. Although Zoe has been in Moscow for about a year, his wife and 2 children only recently joined him. Station Manager Mustafa, his wife, and 2 children completed the party.

This is what we had. Ordered 3 pizzas for the kids, and also to make sure Mustafa and his family had enough to eat as they can't eat the meat dishes which are non-halal. Thin-crust pizza margherita delivered from the restaurant in our development.

Four-cheese pizza.

My signature chilli bee-hoon, only dried shrimps and prawns, and hence suitable for our Muslim guests.

Meat dishes, starting with baked chicken wings.

Kungpao chicken.

Curry chicken...I know, it's all chicken. I don't know how to cook beef lah...except rendang, and I ran out of spices for that.

Also baked a chocolate cake, I think Brian and I ate the bulk of this. Too much in-between cream this time...too rich.

We sat and chatted from lunch till dinner time, and before the guests left, everyone ate re-heated pizza for dinner. Happy they made their way over despite very low temperatures. Next Sunday: Briyani at Mustafa's place. We're eating our way through winter!

Only a week? Really?

Wow, has it been only a week since we got back to Moscow? It has..., well, a week and a bit, we arrived on Friday morning, and it's now Saturday. It feels like so long ago that we were in Singapore, and like we've done so much since returning here. Well, I've had tonnes to do, and I still have loads to do, will explain why another day.

On Friday morning, when we arrived, we were welcomed by the usual snowy weather.

It's been so cold this week and I cope by staying in all the time except when I have to do groceries or be in school. But I hear it's pretty much the same story all over the world, so I can't really complain. I mean, you expect this is Russia...but in London? A friend of mine was snowed in at the countryside hotel that she was working in for two whole days. It sounds like the snowfall there is even more than here. Joan has lived in London for more than 10 years and she's never seen snow like this.


Friday, January 22, 2010

NASA astronaut in school

For the month of January, the boys' school is celebrating the 1960s and honouring the space programme. Today, the Guest Speaker Series featured a parent who is a former NASA astronaut. Mark Polansky has been on 3 space missions to the international space station, the most recent one in July last year.

Some interesting anecdotes shared by Polansky, as related to me by the boys:

In space, your leg muscles don't work a lot, so when you get back to earth your muscles feel sore cos they're not used to working anymore. They have to exercise in space 2 hours a day.

If the astronaut stays in space for 2 weeks, it's 2 weeks of being in zero gravity and the human body gets used to floating around, eating in zero gravity etc. When he comes back to earth, if someone offers him a glass of water, he'll let go of the glass cos he is used to the drinking water that floats in the air. He forgets he's back on earth, and the glass of water falls to the ground.

Polansky told them about a recent space flight to the ISS (International Space Station) to replace the solar-powered batteries. The folks inside the station manipulate robot arms that grasp onto the astronauts to take them to the batteries which are located outside the station. The astronauts then get to work to remove and replace the batteries. Although the astronauts have a tether attached to their waists, it still sounds extremely harrowing to me. Imagine if the tether broke off! The astronaut would float away into the darkness of the Milky way!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

12 Days of Ris-Mas

Was directed to this crazy funny video by my friend Wendy. Laughed until peng! BOOMZ!

Next time you want to fake your British assent, you know what to do huh? haha...

Ice-skating season begins

On Monday, when Brian went back to school, his 80-minute PE lesson was now ice-skating lesson. This year's winter is colder than the past two years'. This means the rink is likely to stay iceskate-worthy. In the first year, I think the boys only had about 4 lessons during the entire season, cos some days the rink would be too wet cos temperatures had gone up the previous day.

Well, after 80 minutes out in about minus 18C, when he came home, Brian's face looked like he had some kind of cold rash. His right ear was also really red and puffy and was painful to touch. Not sure what caused this...I was thinking, "Frostbite? Yikes." I still think 80 minutes out in that kind of cold is crazy.

Well, today, there was PE, and hence ice-skating for both boys. It was a really cold day. When Brian came back, he said they were given a choice to either ice-skate or play basketball/soccer indoors. Thankfully, he chose to play indoors. The teacher said they will be given such a choice only when the temperature falls below minus 20C, and today it was minus 24C. His ear is also fine now, but I don't think it would have recovered if he had continued to be out today.

Sean, meanwhile, did have ice-skating today. Maybe the teachers think it's fine to be out at minus 24C if it's not for too long, and his PE lasts only 30 min. He came back with no complaints, except to say he fell down just once the entire lesson.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Favourite Malacca Chendol

Maybe it's nostalgia, but when it comes to chendol, my favourite will always be the original, the authentic, Clock Tower chendol in Malacca. The stall is so named cos it's located right across the historical Clock Tower.

The owner has been selling chendol in the same location for as long as I can remember. The road here used to be two-way, and after school, on our drive home, my dad would sometimes, usually on a very hot day, stop by and we'll have a thirst-quenching bowl of chendol each. Delicious.

I'll have to warn non-Malaccans that you'll probably not like this chendol. You've been warned. Eddie doesn't like it very much. For me, this is how chendol has always been, the colour is dull, light-green, not bright, dark green...the liquid is somewhat watery and not thick in coconut milk. On a very hot day, I can easily drink 2 bowls. I just love it. Don't try this, I can virtually guarantee you won't like it :)

You guys are better off having your fill of chendol at Nancy's Kitchen instead. See, it's thick and the chendol is the um, 'right' colour. Pfffft. I'll post about Nancy's Kitchen another day, it's a peranakan restaurant located off Jonker Street, on a lane called Jalan Hang Lekir. The food there is pretty good, can't say the same about most peranakan fare in Malacca.

Towards the end of Jonker Street, I saw long queues at this dessert shop Jonker Dessert which also sells chendol, specifically durian chendol. I've never heard of this shop, so I reckon it's new, and hence not authentic in my books :) So I didn't try this. Someone try and let me know how it is.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Settrade Young Musician 2010

My friend May's son Kant won the Gold Prize in a competition in Thailand two days ago. Video is of him playing La Campanella. I remember he was practising this piece when we visited Bangkok in September last year and how his mum said it was only 75% performance-ready even though I thought it sounded fantastic. Since then, they've been to Moscow twice and he's performed in a number of concerts and competitions. He appeared on many Russian newspapers and was even featured in a television interview.

I am incredibly happy for May as I have seen the amount of effort, hard work, sweat and tears that go into this. It's amazing what God-given talent combined with sheer grit and hard work can achieve. Well done Kant and mummy too of course!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jumbo for seafood

In Singapore, everyone has their opinion on which seafood restaurant has the best crab. I've heard people rave about No Signboard (tried once, didn't like their white pepper crab), Long Beach (never tried), Red House (tried a couple of times, not very memorable)...and recently my Moscow friends Roy and Lynn took us to their favourite one somewhere near Tanjong Pagar, I forget the name.

But for Eddie and I, and now Brian of course, our favourite place to eat crab is still Jumbo. No other place prepares black pepper crab the way Jumbo does, and the taste has stayed fairly consistent since we first went to the restaurant in 1993. I remember the year cos Eddie first went to the restaurant during a company dinner when he and his batch mates were trainee station managers. Subsequently, the group started having a monthly payday gathering here, with girlfriends joining in the feast.

No trip back to Singapore is complete without one Jumbo seafood dinner. In recent years, Brian has started joining in the fun, and I no longer get to have all the big claws to myself.

Jumbo gets really busy so I made sure to call up first so that I don't end up getting tiny crustaceans. This past Thursday, I called and asked if there were any 1.2-1.3kg crabs, and the lady said she would reserve 2 for me. Sneaky fellas, when we got there, they said there were only 1.1kg crabs left. Based on past experience, without reserving, they are likely to give you small crabs of around 900g, which is really not shiok lah.

What we had on Thursday. Drunken prawns. They don't do it anymore but in the past they would actually bring the bowl of live prawns, pour alcohol over them, and the prawns would jump up and down inside the bowl. Cruel eh? Well, Jumbo drunken prawns are still as good today as they were 17 years ago. They're so succulent and sweet.

Sigh...even at a seafood restaurant, we cannot escape from having a porky dish. Eddie's usual order of sweet and sour pork. Thankfully, this time, it was quite nice.

Yongchow fried rice for Sean...cos he won't eat the other food. I know, we should train him...lazylah. The fried rice wasn't nice, and he ate very little that night.

We also ordered Otar (no photo) which was quite nice and this chicken and beef satay, DO NOT ORDER Satay here, they're terrible.

A big pile of Kangkung even though we ordered a small portion. Was okay, couldn't finish this.

Chilli crab with yummy gravy and...

Man tou for dipping.

And the highlight of any Jumbo visit, the black pepper crab. I can't quite describe the taste, those of you who've eaten this please help me. It's spicy, fragrant, and somewhat buttery...I love it.