Monday, December 07, 2009

Why homeschooling is out for me

One weekend about a month ago, I told Sean he had to choose to either do some Math work or write a story. He refused. I said he had to choose one. He cried. I threatened. He cried some more. I threatened some more. In the end, he said, Fine, I choose writing. This is what he came up with.

There was a boy who needed to write a story on his older brother's not-used-anymore examination pad. He cried gigantic tears, like these. (see dollops of tears in box)

Then he had an idea. He wrote a story about himself, and this is the story that he wrote. Then he showed the story to his mother. The mother said the boy had to do math, and the boy cried gigantic tears again.


And that is why homeschooling is out for me. But for those who think they can, here's a homeschooling site that one of the mummies here recommends.


Anonymous said...

hahaha, your little one is hilarious! :)

Puzzled by Puzzles! said...

LOL on the gigantic tears!!!

monlim said...

Hahaha, trust Sean to find a way not to be compliant! He's a free spirit lah. And I'm with you - homeschooling not in my books, thank you!!!

Lilian said...

This fella tries to get by with doing as little as possible. For Brian, first thing he does when he comes home is do his homework (has always been like that), no need to say anything, he'll not do anything till homework is done. For Sean, he comes home, do whatever he wants. Then after an hour or so, I wonder, hey, do you have homework? Oh, I think I do. Then do it. I'll do it after dinner. Then after dinner, forget. Sometimes work go undone, he doesn't really care. This type very difficult to homeschool.

Anonymous said...

Sean is smart to comply and yet get the message through to you. :)

Homeschooling also not my cup of tea even though sometimes my child requests me to do so. I will be bored to tears as I love listening to her little stories at school.


Lilian said...

This isn't compliance at all, it's downright defiance, and I got the message all right, which was why he had to cry through some math work after that :) Kids should stop trying to outsmart their mummies, it's a futile effort.

Anonymous said...

LOL....Sean is smart lah!

I have problem with my little one too.... everytime I asked her to read, she would give 101 excuses why she couldn't do it.... *I'm also crying gigantic tears*


Lilian said...

Our little ones can win awards for biggest crocodile tears and for acting!

Anonymous said...

Now that you mention Lilian, again it's the not-my-kid-and-it's-so-cute-and-smart syndrome. When it's someone else' kid, it's so hilarious but if I imagine my kid doing that to me, she would be punished too! LOL... Aiyo, feel so double standard..