Saturday, January 02, 2010

Leaving the cold behind

The photo above was taken from my kichen window before we left Moscow in December. As you can see, the Moscow River had turned to ice after weeks of sub-zero temperatures. We're glad to be warm in Malaysia now but when we return to Moscow, the frigid cold means ice-skating PE lessons will start soon for the boys at school. And that's something the kids always look forward to.


Rebekah Lou Taylor said...


breve1970 said...

Ice skating for PE Lessons... that has got to be the best news ever!

Hannah had her 1st ice skating experience yesterday at Kallang Ice World. She thoroughly enjoyed it though she fell down a few times. She was quite pleased with herself that she didn't have to hold on to the frame after an hour's practice. So its a new found love now - Ice Skating. Haha.

Lilian said...

Hannah is pro lah. One hour and she's already up and about. Sean kept falling on his butt and only improved after he started learning to rollerblade.