Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The tortoise who got turned into a sausage

For most of his final months in Kindergarten, Sean spent his time in school writing stories and illustrating. It was very much free for all, though in the beginning, he was limited to just 3 pages for each story. Two publishing parties were held, where stories were printed, laminated and binded into books, but besides the 2 stories Sean had 'published', there were lots more that he did in school, some more nonsensical than others, and his teacher passed them all to me at the end of the school year (June 2009).

The boys found the pile of stories recently and had a good laugh, I'm uploading these stories over the next I don't know how many posts. Some aren't all that funny, but the boys still laugh like hyenas.

From 1H2009

Once upon a time there was a tortoise and a sausage-making machine.

The tortoise went into the machine because the tortoise wanted to see how the machine worked.

(Notice how he drew the tortoise entering the machine :))

The tortoise turned into a sausage.


monlim said...

Tortoise sausage, I bet it tastes yummy!! Sean, you are very creative, I love both your stories and your drawings! Keep writing and drawing, ok?

Lilian said...

Thank you Auntie Monica :) In school, I am writing and drawing a story about tortoises and ants fighting, and I'm working on the fifth page now.