Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The tortoise who got squished

From 1H2009

Once upon a time, a tortoise was chasing an ant.

Suddenly, there was a shadow.

(Note: Above the tortoise is the Big Toe of a human being :))

The tortoise got squished by a person.


Puzzled by Puzzles! said...

Short and Sweet! Can tell that he loves tortoises. LOL!
I love reading through their past works too. I hope they (all the kids) still keep their sense of humor as they grow up.

Lilian said...

Hee hee...he is tortoise-obsessed...

Do you keep most of your kids' old work? How do you store them?

Anonymous said...

Aiyo... the picture he drew and those words he wrote, all so cute lah!

I kept their old work in toyogo boxes in the store room. Some I scan and kept a soft copy, both on disc and back up on external hard disc.


Lilian said...

Wow Chris, you are a really organised mummy! Well done!

Sean loves looking at some of the old stuff he did, but what he really loves is to look at his First Years Book where records are kept on his First tooth, first this and first that. Unfortunately, his book is quite empty compared to Brian's. I should have put more effort into his since he seems to appreciate his book more.