Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009!

So today was Halloween celebration at school. Sean's class party started an hour before school ended and the children could change into their costumes then. Throughout the week, he said he was going for the party without any costume.

Yesterday, I asked him if he wanted me to buy him a mask or something. He refused, "I don't have to go in a costume!"

"But everyone's gonna be wearing a costume. You'll be out of place!"

"No, I won't. You don't need to have a costume."

Hmmmm...I was actually more uneasy than he was about going without a costume...wondering what his teacher and the other mothers would think of this 'cruel' mother who'd send her son to a Halloween party without a costume.

I started googling for "easy halloween costume" and saw nothing that didn't require loads of work. It was only later in the evening that I saw a picture of kids dressed as doctors (or paramedics I'm not really sure). And light bulb appeared above my head as I remembered the working stethoscope we had bought from Toys R Us in Singapore.

I said, Sean, you can go as a doctor! No! I'm going to look silly! You'll look even sillier when you're the only one without a costume! No! I don't want to go as anything!

Had to resort to asking Brian to threaten to ban tortoise talk unless Sean played dress-up. Sean reluctantly agreed. I found a face-mask, and for the doctor's white coat, I dug out an old white Anne Klein II working shirt I had bought in the late 1990s. Presenting...Dr Sean Leong :)

The make-shift costume was a hit; the other kids wore store-bought costumes (one went as Violet from The Incredibles, another was Hermione Granger, and a boy was Freddie Krueger I think). Remarks from other mums include, "That's the coolest costume!" while his teacher said she's gonna dress up the same way next year :) And entirely free too, plus there wasn't any frills or face-paints which he would have protested against.

Party decoration.

Cute Halloween cupcakes.

Dr Sean giving the all-clear to his class teacher Ms Jayne.

I am not the most creative person and as I said earlier, can't sew for nuts. Back in 2001, when Brian was 4, I made the costume below just the night before the Halloween celebration. When inspiration strikes, I get moving. He was the "King of Hearts", I made it out by cutting coloured paper and then drawing with a black marker. Heckuva lot of work but he won 2nd prize for best costume.

The thing is, even if I were crazy enough to make this costume again, there is no way Sean would put this on, NO WAY at all. The doctor's costume was about as far as I could push him. That's one leceh little boy I have.

Happy Halloween all!


Hsien said...

I don't care for Halloween so Stephen's costumes are always makeshift. Good thing he always wants to be a character for which no pre-made costume would be available anyway.

So you drew that King of Hearts?? Impressive!!

Elan said...

So did Brian have a class party and costume?
The school periodically asks kids to go in traditional dress for a few occasions a year - "Racial Harmony Day", Chinese New Year etc but my sons stopped doing so in Primary 3, despite my reminders and sometimes nagging. Apparently its so "uncool" and "babyish" for their classmates. Could that be the reason why Sean refused? He was going to go as the scary (to mummies) "cool and uncostumed grown-up boy".

Anyway, your costume idea was brillant! Hope he could still eat though!

Lilian said...

Hsien: You're quite good with your costumes, I remember one you did in London, was it Optimus Prime or some name like that. I absolutely will not do anything that involves thread and needle :) The coloured bits of the King of Hearts costume were mostly coloured construction paper cut to shape and the black bits were hand-drawn. The kid who won first prize that year was a girl bandaged from top to bottom as a mummy! Her parents had to be with her the entire time cos every time she needed to go to the loo, it was a mad scramble to spin her out of her costume LOL!

Elan: For middle school, they had Blackout Day yesterday, and the kids went in mostly black or scary Halloween garb. One boy went as Edward Cullen, the girls were mainly witches --- teenagers and their gothic obsessions. Brian didn't even remember it was blackout day but luckily he had his black PE t-shirt with him. He doesn't care for Halloween anymore, didn't even want to go trick-or-treating...what a change from a year ago. As for Sean, he's just weird lah, don't all kids love dressing up? He doesn't like trying new things, will say No to any new suggestions about things to do, things to wear, things to eat, hates having his face painted or even having temporary tattoos on him....No threats work (except for banning tortoise talk) cos he'll just say Fine, go ahead. Reverse psychology has never worked on him even from a young age.

monlim said...

Cool costume!! Who says you're not creative? The King of Hearts costume is awesome!!!

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Sean totally looks the part too, with his glasses!

PS the Halloween cupcakes look yummy... too bad we don't celebrate Halloween in SG.

Lilian said...

Hehe creativity juices only flow once every few years. Brian's Singapore preschool Columbia Learning Centre celebrates Halloween in a big way. The principal is Canadian chinese and every year the kids go trick-or-treating at the offices in the same building. The teachers dress up really elaborately too, tonnes of fun.

Tsu Lin + + said...

OMG - you DREW THAT? Even I can't draw that! It looks like alot of hardwork! Well done you un-creative mom.. your ideas are brilliant. :)

Lilian said...

Thanks Tsu Lin, do they do Halloween in London? I don't remember it being a big thing there.

breve1970 said...

Yep, Columbia Learning Centre celebrates Halloween in a big way. Still do... we have some friends whose kids are there.

Hayley's school at Yuquan too! Will post some pictures.

Great work on the King of Hearts! I like the doctor outfit too!!! Wish I am that creative and artistic.:)

Anonymous said...

Very creative for the doctor costume!! It must have been alot of work cut, paste & drew that king!! I'm very impressed!!


bACk in GERMANY said...

Yr King of Hearts is fab!!!!
And Sean as a doc - Lilian you're creative and yes, will send my kids last minute for no frills Halloween dress up.
This year I didn't even dare mention Halloween. Nobody went trick or treating in my part of Sg. Good thing that it stormed that night :p

Puzzled by Puzzles! said...

Wow U managed to convince him to dress up! From pre-K to grade 1, Jacob insisted that he was dressed up as "Jacob" and went there as himself. *roll eyes* It was only from grade 2 that he went as a Ninja and as Batman (same costume but with a batman mask) the next yr.

Lilian said...

Haha, Jacob going as "Jacob"...very clever! So they grow out of this no-costume phase?

Hmm...somehow I don't see Sean ever willingly donning a costume, there will always be a need for a bribe or threat :(