Friday, October 23, 2009

End-of-PSLE celebration

Backpost for 12 October 2009

We were leaving for Moscow the very night of Brian's last paper for PSLE but managed to have a celebratory lunch at Rakuichi, recommended by Hsien and Adeline. There are actually two branches, one in Dempsey and the other on the 3rd floor of Far East Shopping Centre.

Delicious fare but my favourite was the grilled sushi (last picture). You wouldn't think that grilled sushi would be good right? But it was heavenly, the sushi is only slightly grilled so was still succulent, and the rice was slightly grilled too, extremely fragrant.

We ordered the Rakuichi Set, the Rainbow Set, and one other set, I forget. Set lunch is about $36 - $46 each, not cheap but not exorbitant either. If you quote "I eat, I shoot, I post", you get 10% off the bill.

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monlim said...

I love grilled sushi too!!! Yummmmmmm...