Friday, September 11, 2009

This is the life!

Spa Lanna was the place I went to for massages in Bangkok. It's located really near to May's place, and her sister goes there regularly. A few hours before dinner, May would drop me off at Spa Lanna (she doesn't like massages) and pick me up after my massage.

It's a pretty nice place and prices are unbelievably reasonable. On Monday, I had a 2-hour Thai Massage for 400 baht. Even with tips, you'd be paying about S$20! Unfortunately, I don't really enjoy Thai massages.

This is the masseause who did Hot Stones massage for me on Wednesday. A 90-minute session costs 1800baht but with a 20% promo, it came to about 1500baht, or S$60. On Tuesday, I did the aroma massage, which I enjoyed the most, 90 minutes for about 1000baht (after 20% off), or S$40. And if I had stayed in Bangkok for a longer period, I could actually buy a Value card for 5000 baht and my card would be topped up to a value of 10000baht, that's a 50% discount!

There's a hair salon at Spa Lanna. May says everyone gets their hair washed and set/blown at salons. Salons open real early as working women would drive in to get their hair done before going to work. I went to May's salon twice and had a good wash and my hair set (so not me, but I could get used to it!) for 100 baht or about S$4.



Anonymous said...

Salon and kind of life when without is down to zilch until I become grandma! LOL


Lilian said...

LOL! No need to wait till grandma...once they go to school you'll have more ME time to yourself!