Monday, September 07, 2009

Sean's birthday dinner

Sean's birthday dinner a Thai restaurant. The food was so mouth-wateringly good and price really can't be beat. UTTER SATISFACTION!

Starter dish. Crab with vermicelli and Thai salad. You're supposed to mix them all up on your plate. Really refreshing.

Some kind of satay. Not very good.

Fried chicken cos this is one dish we know for sure the birthday boy would eat.

Thai fish cake. Pretty good.

I have no idea what this is. Some deep-fried stuff, maybe fish-maw, I'm not sure. I didn't like this.

Kangkung, Brian's favourite.

Heavenly oyster omelette. So good I ordered another. A hint of wine taste and so many oysters. Definitely better than any oyster omelette I've had in Singapore AND Malaysia. Super!

Extremely fresh prawns. Excellent!

Grilled squid, loved it.

Thai steamed fish. So good I'm thinking of it still. Didn't actually need to order tomyam goong cos the gravy from this fish taste a bit like tomyam, sourish and spicy.

All this plus tomyam goong for everyone (4A 4C) and drinks flowing all night...and the bill came to an unbelievable...THB2100! That's about S$90. I love this city!


breve1970 said...

The food spread is simply MOUTHWATERING... every dish looks so delectable.

Lilian said...

The food is really good. Today I was at the famous Platinum Wholesale Centre. We ordered oyster omelette too, but the standard is wayyyyy different. Not nice at all, too starchy and oysters are tinier. So tonight, gonna ta-pao oyster omelette from this restaurant for supper :)

Anonymous said...

Wah..I wish I am in Thailand now!!
Happy Birthday Sean! You are so blessed!


Lilian said...

Thanks QX :) This is actually my first time in Thailand...I'm sure I'll be back often after this trip.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lilian
What is the name of this Thai restaurant? Do you have the address? Your pictures are great!

Lilian said...

LL: I will bug my friend to get the business card another time. She told me the name in Thai...Fai Karm...the road name is Bangna Trad, opposite Central Bangna. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lilian. Agree with qx that hanging out with friends and doing things together at a leisurely pace is the best kind of holiday, esp when kids are happy and having fun too. Envy envy!

You must tell us what you got from the wholesale place. Take pictures of your loot, ok? ha ha.


Lilian said...

I guess it helps that flight to BKK is relatively cheap, so you don't feel like you need to see and do everything there is to see and do! Can always see and do another time. I definitely want to go again without the kids and go through Platinum floor by floor, aisle by aisle, I'm sure there are lots that I missed.

I'll take pictures of the loot, but some may be used as presents in future won't reveal price lah haha.