Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Off the beaten track: Amphawa Floating Market Pt 3

As I said earlier, the boys didn't complain once even though the path was narrow, there were lots of people and weather was muggy. I guess it's cos they had company plus there was plenty to see.

Souvenir shopping.

The boys swung this tube around and it makes the most annoying sound.

Watching attentively as this man sawed wood to form Thai letters.

Boys and bean bags...natural attraction.

Resting for a bit and soaking in everything.

Enjoying coconut ice-cream in a coconut.

Free coconut juice when you buy the ice-cream. So refreshing.

Colourful coconut candy.

Another picture of the annoying-sounding tube toy...they're pretty though.

A kind of drink/beverage the Thais like.

Weaved fish decoration.

Lanterns from the side street off the floating market, lots more shops here but we didn't explore much.

All things crabby...too bad I was already way overstuffed.

This was the day before Sean's birthday. Bought him 3 magnet tortoises with springy limbs but this multi-colour pinwheel is what he's been playing with since Sunday :)

I'd highly recommend Amphawa if you're in Bangkok, it's about an hour's drive away. There are resthouses where you can spend the night if you wanna do the firefly boat tour.

That's about all the sightseeing we'll be doing in Bangkok. The rest of the time will be spent eating and enjoying massages and shopping.

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Puzzled by Puzzles! said...

We did this day trip too when we were there. Very relaxing and fun!