Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Off the beaten track: Amphawa Floating Market Pt 2

If possible, arrive at the floating market hungry. There are loads of good food to be had here. By the time we left, I really couldn't take it anymore, was almost bursting from too much food.

Amphawa is quite an experience, it's a long walk on both sides of the river, yet the boys did not complain once. There was just lots to see and the fact that we made quite a number of 'pit-stops' for food-sampling helped.

This picture was taken from a bridge, and we had walked the entire length of the left bank. It was low tide so not so picturesque but it showed the ingenuity of the Thais in how they conduct business from the river.

See the blue basket attached to a long pole on the two pictures below. This is how food is delivered and money collected when tide is low.

Amazing the kind of stuff they can do from boats! This lady is cooking pad thai, I think.

Kopi-O Kao!

BBQ Seafood from a boat! So darn amazing!

We had these towards the end, I was still quite stuffed then, but can't resist grilled seafood. I think there was at least a couple of prawns more than in this picture but the boys were too fast for my shutter!

Really fresh seafood, all for THB500 or about S$20.

One of quite a number of restaurants where you can take a seat and enjoy the food bought from boats.

More pictures coming right up.


Baoying said...

DROOL!!!!!!! I want!!!

Lilian said...

Go Go Go...apparently Amphawa has not been featured in Lonely Planet yet, so go before the angmohs find out about it ;)