Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Off the beaten track: Amphawa Floating Market Pt 1

Not quite off the beaten track, maybe off the beaten tourist track. On Sunday, after driving around the city to look at the Grand Palace and a few other tourist attractions, we headed for Amphawa Floating Market. Now this Floating Market is different from the more famous Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, which my Thai friends say is filled with tourist traps. Instead, the Thais love going to Amphawa. The entire time we were there, we saw maybe 3 Caucasians, and a few Japanese. The place was thronged with locals. Want an authentic Thai experience, go to Amphawa!

We had such a great time there. Amphawa is only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and from 1pm. The place gets really busy by 4pm and at night, there are boat tours for firefly-watching (which we didn't stay for). I understand there are currently no bus tours to Amphawa, so to get there, you either need Thai friends who drive or a taxi. This article says a taxi can be hired at US$30 for 3-4 pax, the driver will wait till you are done and drive you back to the city.

Just before reaching the floating market, we turned off into a small lane and drove deep inside to a Thai restaurant by the river, recommended by a friend of May (my Thai friend) who lives in Amphawa.

Here are the boys checking out the kampung-like surroundings while waiting for the food to be ready, the other three are Krit and Kant (May's boys) and their cousin Jamie. Krit and Kant are Brian's schoolmates from Moscow, but they are back in Thailand and attend a UK-based international school on a music scholarship.

Everyone was famished after the long drive from Bangkok, and this was what we had.

Fried fish....crispy and very fresh.

Fried frogs legs with garlic...overcooked and burnt :(

Prawns...dunno what style...but very good.

We ordered two plates of these tempura-like dish...I didn't really like it but I think most everyone else did.

Fried chicken with garlic...excellent...ordered pecially for fussy-eater Sean.

Some clam dish...very very good.

We had these and tomyam goong (tastes different from what I am used to) and I'm sure we had a vegetable dish too, and the bill was THB1350 for 4 adults, 5 boys (4 who eat like adults). That's about S$60.

More about Amphawa coming right up in the next post.


Anonymous said...

Is that deep-fried Tilapia??

Earlier this year I just found out from one of Ps Prince's sermons that St Peter's fish (the fish St Peter fished a coin out of) is actually Tilapia! Apparently they serve it a lot in Israel. It's also a favorite Thai fish. Very easy to farm, hence very cheap, as low as C$4 per fish. Very delicious and easy to cook: just rub with salt about 30-40min, wash off, pat dry, rub with pepper & lemon juice, deep fry.

Hmmm!! Makes me drool just thinking about it.. ;-p


Lilian said...

I think it's Tilapia and that's some interesting bible trivia :) I recently started taking the boys to the Rock and they enjoyed the sermons a lot. Things have changed so much, so many overflow rooms, I mean, overflow HALLS, huge halls with many, many, screens/projectors.

Where do you get his sermons from btw?

breve1970 said...

Must say Brian looks quite different from the photos taken earlier this year. He is GORGEOUS and so is Sean!

The food spread is simply delectable. Yum!

Lilian said...

Yes Brian looks different every month, while Sean looks the same every year LOL!

breve1970 said...

You "ho mang" (good life in Cantonese)! Has two beautiful and brainy boys!

Lilian said...

Your Cantonese spelling is really atrocious lah :D

You know them so you think they are good-looking, but as I always say, their looks are the type only their own mother can really appreciate LOL!

breve1970 said...

Sorry lah... trying my best to translate heeeheee:D.

But they have nice features like you!

Lilian said...

Thank you :)