Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hanging out with friends

When planning this very last-minute trip to Bangkok, I had intended to stay with my friend May for just 2 nights, and check into a hotel in the city the rest of the time (another 3 nights). Her boys, who were Brian's schoolmates in Moscow, would have none of that. They insisted that we stayed in their place throughout. Brian and Sean enjoyed this holiday a lot, cos although they had to accompany us on our shopping trips to Platinum Wholesale Centre (I LOVE IT!), a lot of the time, they got to hang out at home with Krit and Kant, playing Nintendo DS, Wii, watching funny Youtube clips on the internet and running around outside the house.

Kant's the one taking a photo of Krit (sitting on their dog Shek) and Brian.

Shek tries to escape.

3 boys and a dog.

I'm glad we stayed in May's place throughout. It's been a most relaxing holiday and I've had the best time, eating, shopping, seeing Bangkok, getting massages and chatting into the night with my friend May and getting to know her extended family. Am so gonna do this again!


Anonymous said...

So lucky! This is the best kind of holiday with friends to guide the visit.

Your holiday photos are very well-taken, so much so that you make me wonder if I should just buy a ticket and take a holiday right NOW!! LOL


Lilian said...

You're absolutely right! Best kind of holiday, no stress about getting lost!

GO GO GO, Bangkok is the Best! LOL!

Miss Bangkok Hotels said...

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Lilian said...

You're most welcome :)