Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Look what the Tooth Fairy brought in

After Ann recommended the book, The Mystery of the Periodic Table, to me, I found that quite a number of pages could be read on Googlebooks...Sean read some pages and said he'd like to have the book. I ordered the book on September 11 from and it arrived yesterday. So convenient, thanks to Slim for the site recommendation.

Between the time I ordered the book and its arrival yesterday, Sean bugged me about it constantly. He really likes the book. Not a bad exchange for 1 lost tooth eh?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Prepare to drooool...

Someone's turning 9 soon and I've been telling/raving to his mum about this Japanese restaurant all the way in the west that has truly value-for-money ala-carte buffet. So she's thinking of taking him there for his birthday.

I first went there for dinner in early July, and then for lunch twice in August. The quality of food here is definitely better than those you find in sushi chains, even better than Sushi Tei, I dare say. Of course, don't compare to places like Tatsuya or Inagiku lah, those cost a bomb. But for the price, I think the quality and variety can't be beat.

The place is Hoshi and the location is IMM 3rd floor. For now, prices for dinner and lunch are the same (about $25++ for adult and $15++ for child) but call up first to make sure this promotion is still on. And I'd suggest going for lunch as they are less busy. Also, do order all that you want right at the start, seriously, 2nd orders take forever to arrive. Don't be shy, order LOTS, as much as you think you can eat, that is! We did.

Prepare to here.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

First tooth lost...truly LOST!


At a ripe old age of 7 years and 12 days, Sean lost his first baby tooth today. I knew there was one permanent tooth growing behind a milk tooth, I didn't realise till the other milk tooth dropped off that the other permanent tooth was also out. This (teeth growing behind milk teeth) never happened with Brian :(

And we don't even get to keep the first lost tooth cos we don't know where it is. We think he swallowed it while having lunch. He only realised his tooth was no longer there when I checked it in the afternoon, even then, he insisted it hadn't dropped off!

So with no physical tooth around, should the Tooth Fairy visit or not? :)

A reminder to myself

Found this on the internet:

* Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.
* Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly.
* Leave the rest to God.
* Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. . . .Life is about learning to dance in the rain.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

From Sean to Ms Teo

Sean's Teacher's Day card to his wonderful form teacher :)

Today, Ms Teo told the class a story about how five 25-year old ladies went on a boat and never came back. When I asked Sean what happened, he said, "Nobody knows." But he told the class what he thought happened, "I think an alien spaceship abducted the ladies when they were on the ship and the aliens transformed the 5 ladies into 5 colour TVs. And that was how colour TV was discovered." now we know...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

From May's garden

On Thursday morning, while waiting to go to the airport, I decided to walk around May's garden and take pictures of the flowers and plants. As I walked and explored, I saw a little pathway. Walked along the path through some trees and lo and behold, there was a freaking pond there! Not just any freaking pond, a freaking lilypad pond!

The rest of the pictures I took. Finally learnt to use the focus function with my portrait lens!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bangkok morning market

On Sunday morning, I tagged along with May to the market. It's a smallish market. Here are some pictures from there.

These fish have been steamed, and back home, they'll be deep fried, it's some kind of Thai dish. We had this for dinner one night.

Does this picture remind anyone else of synchronised swimming? :P

Lots of food to be bought by the main road at the entrance to the market. May told me what this was but I don't remember now.


Some kind of candy?

Ooooh, yummy grilled wings and satay-like pork, usually eaten with sticky rice.

When we were driving towards the market, I saw these being grilled, and thought it strange that a local market would be selling Bratwurst (German sausage). Only when I got nearer did I realise they were grilling bananas!

There were 2 pairs of monks sitting on chairs by the road. People would buy food and offer them to the monks while kneeling on the mats.

Inside the market are plenty of food stalls, this one caught my eye. It's like your economical rice stall in Singapore but the variety here is mouth-wateringly amazing.

How to resist? This was Breakfast No2, and it was mighty goooood!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Music to my ears

This is my friend May and her 12-year old boy Kant doing what they do every single day, practise the piano. That's a brand new Yamaha grand piano (special artist edition), and beside this piano, is a 100-year old Steinway grand. Besides these two pianos, there are 3 more upright pianos in the house. May agrees when people say she's piano-crazy :) Well, behind every successful pianist, is a dedicated, focussed and crazy-in-a-good-way mum right?

I love listening to Kant play, his fingers move like magic. My digital camera video funtion doesn't capture the sound so well, but here are a few pieces that he is working on now.

Chopin Etude Op10 No8

I don't know the title of this next piece, but it's supposed to have Gnome in the title, someone help me out here. Okay, got it, the title is Liszt Gnomenreigen.

And the final piece is La Campanella, which May says is about 75% of what it should be for performance-readiness. Geez, she sure has high expectations.

Kant's youtube link here.

Bangkok's colourful cabs

Brightly-coloured Toyota taxis added even more hues to an already colourful city. We laughed a lot as I tried to take pictures of different coloured cabs. Everyone helped spot the rarer colours. Bright pink was the most common, purple was quite elusive.

Light blue

Pink (most common)




Lemon Yellow

Electric blue

Orange (quite common too)

Purple...hardest to find!

This is the life!

Spa Lanna was the place I went to for massages in Bangkok. It's located really near to May's place, and her sister goes there regularly. A few hours before dinner, May would drop me off at Spa Lanna (she doesn't like massages) and pick me up after my massage.

It's a pretty nice place and prices are unbelievably reasonable. On Monday, I had a 2-hour Thai Massage for 400 baht. Even with tips, you'd be paying about S$20! Unfortunately, I don't really enjoy Thai massages.

This is the masseause who did Hot Stones massage for me on Wednesday. A 90-minute session costs 1800baht but with a 20% promo, it came to about 1500baht, or S$60. On Tuesday, I did the aroma massage, which I enjoyed the most, 90 minutes for about 1000baht (after 20% off), or S$40. And if I had stayed in Bangkok for a longer period, I could actually buy a Value card for 5000 baht and my card would be topped up to a value of 10000baht, that's a 50% discount!

There's a hair salon at Spa Lanna. May says everyone gets their hair washed and set/blown at salons. Salons open real early as working women would drive in to get their hair done before going to work. I went to May's salon twice and had a good wash and my hair set (so not me, but I could get used to it!) for 100 baht or about S$4.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

UUB, UUQ and UUH :)

No, I am not gulping or hemming and hawing...

Just now, we were getting ready to sleep and Sean says, "Mummy, did you know salt is a mixture of sodium and chloride?"

Me: Yes...where did you learn that?

Sean: From the science book in Auntie May's house (He read Kant's 8th grade science textbook from cover to cover in 2 evenings)

Me (trying to participate here): I know what water is...hydrogen and oxygen.

Sean: I already knew that.

Me: I know Helium is He. Hydrogen is H.

Sean: Do you know what Oxygen is? Me: O.

Sean: Carbon? Me: C

Sean: Nitrogen? Me (kind of guessing by now): N

Sean: Neon? Me: N-E?

Sean: Yes. Ununbium?

Me: Er...A-N?

Sean: Ununbium!

Me: A-N?

Exasperated, Sean spells it out: U-N-U-N-B-I-U-M!

Me: Mmmm....U-N?

Sean: No! UUB.

Me: Oh.

Sean: Ununquadium is UUQ. Ununhexium is UUH.

Me: Hmm...Are you sure these are even in the periodic table?

Sean: Yes.

I wanted to have fun with I asked, "What about Xylem?" (I know Xylem from Brian's PSLE Science)

Sean: What?

Me: Xylem.

Sean: How do you spell it?

Me: X-Y-L-E-M.

Sean: I don't think that's an element.

Me: It's not a thing?

Sean: Xylem is a thing but it's not an element.

Me: Oh, what is it?

Sean: I think it's something that's sucks up water from the roots to the plant.

With that, he shuts his eyes and goes to sleep while I wonder how the heck he knew Xylem's function (I only learnt of Xylem in recent months!). Could it be that he pores over Brian's PSLE Science guidebooks a lot more intensely than his korkor does?


While typing this, I googled Ununbium, saw some information on Wiki, shook Sean up and asked, Do you know the atomic number for Ununbium?

Sean rouses from his slumber and said, "Yes, 112."

Me: What about Ununquadium?

Sean: It's 114. Ununhexium is 116.

Me: What other elements' atomic numbers do you know?

Sean: Roentgenium (he spelt this slowly for me) is 111. Lithium is 3. Beryllium is 4. Carbon is 6. Hydrogen is 1 and Helium is 2.

Me: What about 5?

Sean: Boron.

7? I think it's oxygen.

8? Nitrogen.

9? I don't think I know anymore. And with that, he shuts his eyes and goes to sleep immediately...this time for real.


Back to UUB. My googling revealed something interesting. Ununbium (UUB) is just a name given to an unnamed element that has just been discovered. "Ununbium" is a IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) systematic element name, used until the element receives an accepted name.

The 112 element (heaviest element in the periodic table) is actually the newest element to be discovered (in 1996) and is likely to be named Copernicium (after Copernicus) with the element symbol Cp. It has not officially been named Copernicium yet, for now it's still officially Ununbium.

Will share this information with Sean (if he doesn't know it yet) in the morning.

Home-cooked Thai food

The nice thing about a home-stay holiday is of course...home-cooked food :) We had dinner at home 3 nights, pictures below are from one of those nights. I started salivating when looking at the pictures again...sigh...

Tomyam Goong...besides dinner-time, I had tomyam goong at every meal I had outside too, my favourite!

One of the nights, May and her hubby bought 2 packets of the oyster omelette I loved so much from the restaurant where we went for Sean's birthday. Still soooo good.