Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sean attempts P6 Science :)

Brian was midway through his Science homework and it was time for his bath. When he came out, he shouted, "Sean!" and proceeded to show me what Sean had written on his Science homework.

I said, "So is it trachea?" Brian says it's not called trachea in P6 syllabus, but windpipe. Fussy korkor. As for diaphragm, Sean's spelling Diaphagram is at least some improvement from how he pronounced the word two years ago!


A couple of weeks ago, I was going through Brian's Science paper and found his answer to the following question to be unsatisfactory. Of course I wouldn't know the real answer myself, but I just felt it was not 'scientific' or comprehensive enough.

It was a diagram of the digestive system and the question was: Why is it important that digested food is absorbed into the bloodstream? [1 mark question]

Brian: If digested food is not absorbed into the bloodstream, the body will not be able to use the food.

Sean passed by and I called him in and asked him the question, he thought for 2 seconds and said: If digested food is not absorbed into the bloodstream, the cells will not get the food and they cannot work for the body.

I thought Sean's answer was actually better.

The real answer though is: The digested food has to be absorbed into the bloodstream to interact with oxygen to release energy for the body to do work and sustain life processes.

Very difficult leh...


angie said...

Hi Lilian!

Just visited your blog after a long while, I think your kids are very brilliant! You've done a great job too! Pls share some tips with me...starting to fret...:P


Lilian said...

Thanks Angie, how old are your kids?

Really don't know about tips, I'm very much go-with-the-flow, if the flow says gancheong time, I start to fret and plan and worry; if the flow says relax time, I go for weeks without doing anything with them. Right now, it's time to relax :)

They do like to read, and that seems to be the most important thing for kids to do well in school, I reckon.