Tuesday, July 14, 2009

South Australian Spelling Test

I saw this South Australian Spelling Test for children 6-16 on my Google reader and decided to let Sean try it. There are two tests, A and B, and the words on this spelling achievement test can be found here.

For Test A, Sean's score was 56/70 and for Test B it was 60/70. I'm not sure if I interpreted the tables correctly, but this puts his spelling age at 16+ for both tests (2004 norms for 10,000 Australian children). The ceiling for Test A was 54 and the ceiling for Test B was 58, ie the spelling ages don't go beyond 16 years. And of course for such tests, kids don't get to see the spelling list beforehand.

How he spelt some of the missed words were quite funny.

For Test A, the 14 missed words were:
12. Of (Off)
43. Appreciate (Appreicate)
45. Enthusiastic (Anthusiastic)
49. Sufficient (Sufficeint)
50. Surplus (Serplus)
54. Cemetery (Summatry)
56. Fraternally (Freternally)
57. Successful (Sucsessful)
51. Customary (Customery)
61. Mortgage (Morgage)
63. Subterranean (Subtaranian)
65. Miscellaneous (Miscanalleous)
68. Embarrassing (Embarrasing)
69. Conscientious (Conseancious)

Test B was easier and he missed just 10 words
48. Efficient (Effeicient)
51. Acceptable (Exceptable)
52. Equipment (Equippment)
53. Choir (Quire)
57. Assessment (Acessment)
58. Adolescence (Adolecence)
59. Casualty (Causualty)
62. Exemplary (Examplery)
67. Proprietor (Propryoter)
69. Excruciating (Excrutiating)


breve1970 said...

What a good score, Sean! Well done!

elan said...

Wah you haven't blogged for so long, I thought you had disappeared off the face of the earth!
Cute that Sean spelt conscientious with his own name in it.
Did u also try it on Brian?

Lilian said...

Thanks Ann.

Elan: Very long meh? Don't pressure me leh :P Yeah, I noticed that spelling of conscientious too, shows how egotistical he is :)

Brian only did Test A, he got 3 wrong; miscellanous, embarrasing, and concientous!! I think Sean's misspelling of conscientious not as bad as Brian's.

monlim said...

Wah! Excellent score lah! Those are some very hard words!! Dare not let my kids try, both their spelling is atrocious...

Lilian said...

Don't underestimate your kids lah!

Speaking of atrocious, in Form 6, our principal/BrotherDirector once came to our class and gave an impromptu English lesson.

Then he said, "Those who spell atrociously usually can't spell it."

"Try spelling it."

Went all round the class and we all gave a stab at it. Every attempt was wrong and he kept repeating his question.

So actually, the answer was to spell "IT" and not to spell "ATROCIOUSLY". Bleah...

Alcovelet said...

Woohoo! Great stuff, Sean and Brian!

Like Monica, I don't even dare try! I haven't looked at the list, but after even only 5 words, I'm sure the chair will suddenly be vacated. Like magic like that!

Puzzled by Puzzles! said...

Thks for this Lilan. The kid are so bored at home that I insisted that they try it. U are right abt the "funny" words.
This is what ds did for some of his wrong ones:-
fraternally - furturnally
definite - definate
seismograph - sizemagraph
miscellaneous - miscculannios (!!!)
apparatus - aberadus (duh!!!)

any how wack right? LOL.

his score was 58/70 for A and 63/70 for B.

Lilian said...

Aberadus? LOL! Like Class 95 morning show during Glenn and Rod time, Ah, Brudders!

But your boy did very well! Did your dd try?

Puzzled by Puzzles! said...

I use the Webster audio for the spelling words for consistency. Maybe that's why he came out with such *roll eyes* words like "Aberadus" .
Dd scored 66/70 for A and 67/70 for B. She got "definite" wrong too and gave an excuse to say that she read somewhere that this is one word that many people will misspell. LOL!
Of course ds complained it was a waste of his precious time to do this.

Lilian said...

Wahhh, you actually used Webster's Audio! Must have taken some time, maybe that's why your DS got bored.

breve1970 said...

Wow.. Sandy... your kids score so well too. Amazing. When can I meet them????

Walfin said...

Don't know how old your kids are, but I think even harder words would be interesting (though of course it should be kept fun, not like a test).

Though reading the google books preview leaves me convinced that Australians suck at spelling (not saying that your kids aren't smart).

I'm curious, Lilian. Were you a jeep yourself?

Lilian said...

Hi Walfin, LOL! I was just telling a friend of mine that for Singapore, I reckon you'd have to shave at least 4 years from the Australian norm, ie, the average 16 year old speller there is our average 12 year old speller. Two very different societies lah, our education system is so accelerated.

I reckon you must be a 'jeep' yourself to refer to GEPers as such :) But nope, I was no jeep, didn't even study in Singapore till university.

Btw, Brian turns 12 in October and Sean 7 in September.

Anonymous said...

i did the SA spelling test in year 6 and i got 70 out of 70

Anonymous said...

and im the same person who just posted the 70 out of 70 thing and i just want to say im sorry for bragging, just thought i would be proud of myself.

Lilian said...

Very good job, you should be proud, you're a great speller!

Shanae N said...

well done sean!!!! that is very good spelling for a young boy like you!!! fanatstic work mate