Thursday, June 11, 2009

We Are Artists: Monet's Pond

I've saved the absolute best for last. After I had seen the art pieces in Sean's classroom and in the hallway, one mum said I should go take a look at the work done in this other class, just next to Sean's. She said they were amazing, and she was right.

Right in the middle of the class, displayed on two tables, were small canvas pieces of Monet-style painting. I couldn't believe my eyes. These were really done by Kindergartners??

Monet's Pond done with oil on canvass.

Closer view of these two pieces done by Luke, the son of Sean's teacher from last year.

And all the pieces by the other kids were just as good. I was as green as the colour of these paintings. I sooooo wanted Sean to have been guided to produce a piece like this, that we can take away from school and remember his Kindy year by. Ahhhh, but it was not to be.

By the way, the teacher for this class is Miss Sonia, a professional artist. How lucky are these kids!


monlim said...

My jaw is on the floor after seeing all the artworks. It's so so inspiring to know that kindy kids did these!! Like wow, I think ours were drawing stick people in SG :P The teachers are truly amazing!

Lilian said...

I think there are kids in Singapore who learn to draw and paint super well, but gotta pay for art classes lah.

The teachers were really great for this Unit. It's the last Unit for the year, so maybe they really 'piangh' to impress parents so we leave the year with WOW memories :)

Syed Danial said...

there are the works of kindies? whoa! i can't believe my eyes. Even teh adults (like me =)) can not produce such beautiful drawings. Haha. Kudos to them :)

daphne said...

*Jaw dropped* All the pieces from earlier posts to this is superb. If you did not mention it's done by kindy kids, I would have thought they are done by pros.

Tsu Lin + + said...

KINDY???? They shame even me (I can paint, watercolour but seriously, these are gorgeous!).

DO they have art classes like this for kindergartners in UK?? My SW is reallly talented (so says her proud mom). :P Maybe she can achieve such level of artistry!

They can actually sell these and make some money on the way too.

Alcovelet said...

Are you sure the artists are not younger than ah peks? They're all so gorgeous! What a terrific end of the year unit for the kids. Hurray for the teachers!

Lilian said...

A friend of mine didn't want to comment on the blog but said what all of us are probably thinking, errr...must be the teacher's work lah...:) My friend's an artist and said even she couldn't paint reflection as well as the kids 'did'.

Anyway, even if most of it is the teacher's work, I still wannnnntttt!!

Tsu Lin: What's SW? I'm sure they have fantastic art classes in the UK, but I personally can't recommend any.

Alcovelet said...

Haha! Obviously, the teachers' egos are at stake!

bACk in GERMANY said...

I oso wan!!!
This is the best art lesson ever! It's like creating an art gallery! Kudos to the teachers! Why can't we learn art like this in Sg in an inexpensive way?
I'd be inspired to paint!

Anonymous said...

Lilian, I love all your art entries. It's so heart-warming to see young children expressing themselves so well. It is a feast for my eyes.

My child treats doodling as her therapy for unwinding so I can feel the effect of lightness that art can work on a person. Hopefully this habit will prevent her from going for retail therapy in future, every mother's nightmare for daughter. :P