Thursday, June 11, 2009

We Are Artists: Folk Art

Folk Art is a term used for art made by people who work in their own homes using commonly found materials. Often, the skills they use are passed on from generation to generation. These "artists" work with all kinds of different materials to create works that are distinctively unique and yet may form part of a country's culture.

The children painted and decorated a wooden egg and a matryoshka doll. These are folk art items commonly seen in Russia. The children also listened to two Russian stories by Patricia Polacca; "Rechenka's Eggs" and "Luba and the Wren". The illustrations in these books look like quilts sewn together from brightly colored fabric. Her stories remind us that simple gifts are often the best and those made by the hands of someone we love are the ones we treasure the most.

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bACk in GERMANY said...

Wow... the teachers really meant business man!
Even got installation!
I mean the presentation of the artwork is so different.


I wished I learnt art this way too... Lucky you Sean!