Thursday, June 11, 2009

We Are Artists: Author-Illustrators

"We Are Artists" is the title of the Unit of Inquiry over the past month or so for Sean's grade. The students studied various artists and their techniques. Right after Sean's concert today, parents were led to the Kindergarten Gallery, ie, the Kindergarten classrooms and hallway, for displays of our children's artistic expression.

I'll be posting some of the artwork, including Sean's, over the next few posts. It's interesting that after this unit, Sean is able to tell me why he thinks a certain piece was inspired by a certain artist. Eg, when I asked him about one of the auction pieces, he said it's probably Van Gogh's style cos it has swirls. He also tells me which of his pieces was abstract art, drip and flick art, or chalk art etc.

This post will be about author-illustrators. We all know Eric Carle.

Eric Carle (Tempera Paint on paper, Laminated)

Eric Carle is a well-known children's book illustrator who lives in the United States of America. In class, we studied Eric Carle as both an author and illustrator. As writers, the children made up an animal story. To illustrate the story, the children painted paper, cut up the shapes they needed and glued them into place to immitate Eric Carle's art. The final work of art was laminated. It was a lot of work -- for just one picture. Ask your child about the story to go with the picture.

No surprise that the animal Sean chose to write about was a tortoise. His story was titled "Old Junkyard Tortoise", and it goes like this, "Once upon a time, there was an old tortoise in a junkyard. If he stayed in the junkyard for too long, he would turn to dust so he made a potion and he used many different things such as deoxyribonucleic acid and cloth. After he mixed all that in the potion, he drank the potion. Then he became 50 years younger. Then he was about 20 years old. Whenever he got older, he drank the potion. The end."

The blueish bits are supposed to be the junk in the junkyard.

In another part of his classroom, I find this clay he made of the Old Junkyard Tortoise.

This piece, he told me, was supposed to be in the style of author-illustrator Tomie DePaola (he spelt the name for me to google).

Again, he drew a tortoise, and in case you don't know what the dark blob behind the tortoise is, he had to spell it out for all to see! much for artistic Sean's world, Fart very much qualifies as Art.


monlim said...

I love his Eric Carle tortoise! He really does capture the style brilliantly. And FART and ART are just one letter's difference mah... LOL!

Alcovelet said...

I love this piece, Lilian! These are the soft aspects that I can't seem to execute at home, cos RK is not very arty at all. But given the peer pressure, Sean obviously had fun doing the project, and I'm sure, Mr Mouth would too.

I just love his tortoise story - short and to the point. And about the fart bit - my friend says her 6yo daughter is so disgusted cos she's so prim, but the 2yo brother would just be chortling away. It's all in the y chromosome!

bACk in GERMANY said...

Wow... the teacher really did prep work for this unit... It seems to me that introduction to different styles of art was done... and the kids could capture the highlights in their artwork.

Great job Sean!
Yes, the Eric Carle tortoise is beautiful.

Aiyah... no need to spell fart lah... then more interesting mah... can be ermm, crap, air pollution, or black magic voodoo chasing the tortoise... LOL!

Lilian said...

Thanks mummies. Yup yup, Sean is indeed very Fartistic.

Adeline: The entire year, he comes back with pathetic work from his weekly art lesson, but when the Unit of Inquiry was on Art, wow, the teachers really rose to the occasion cos they are the ones planning the unit. The kids were lucky that one of the kindy teachers is a professional artist. And one of the mothers in Sean's class is a sculptor. There are a number of mummies in school who are professional artists too.

Lilian said...

Cindy: I just got your comment. LOL! Now that I think about it, it's a good thing he spelt FART, else people would think it's Da Pian!

Anonymous said...

It's really an original piece of work! :D

Hmm...looks like my dd has a virtual Y chromosome in her. This picture certainly appeals to her! LOL