Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life and Death talk

One mother was sharing on the internet about how terrified her child was of death. Her post was quite serious; I refrained from commenting as I didn't want to make light of her problem. But it reminded me of a funny stage that Sean went through maybe 2 years ago. Brian had told him that the sun would explode in 5 billion years (or something like that, I forget).

So, two years ago...
Sean (in worried, whiny, almost crying voice): Mummy, Korkor says the sun will explode in 5 billion years.
Me: Oh, really?
Sean: Yes. I don't want to die mummy, I don't want the sun to explode. Can you make the sun not explode?
Me (trying to calm him): Oh, it's okay darling, in 5 billion years, we'll all be dead.
Sean (looking shocked): BUT I DON'T WANT TO DIE!!!
Me: Oops. Oh, okay...uhm, uh...okay okay, you won't die, you won't die....the sun won't explode okay?


Then, two weeks ago...

Out of nowhere, he comes to my room and asks, "Mummy, will I go to hell when I die?"

Me (immediately thinking Brian must have put that idea into his head!): Why??? Why do you say that??? Of course you won't.
Sean: Because I've done a lot of bad things.
Me: Like what???
Sean: I cut the bedsheet. I broke the kaleidoscope. I knocked the glass easter egg down with Dogsby. (Dogsby is his soft toy, and yes, he cut not just one bedsheet, but I discovered later, a few).

I'm quite enjoying this so I said, "Okay, continue, what other bad things have you done."

Sean: I put the marble inside Bobo (a soft toy). I keep tangling up the slinky and you have to fix it. I threw the shuttlecock up and it broke the ceiling lamp.

(Yes yes, all these things he did in a span of maybe 2 weeks.)

I added: Don't forget that time in London when you threw stones down from our balcony and dented that man's car and Daddy had to pay 900 pounds.

Sean (looking really despondent): So will I go to hell?

Me: Of course you won't darling. You're a child of God so you'll go to heaven.

Explained to him what Christians believe about heaven and hell, and he seemed immediately better.


Anonymous said...

Sean is so cute and obviously a thinking child. My simple-minded kid is now happy to know heaven is a good place. She even wants to go with me when I am due to go. For that silly thought, I have to find another approach to deter her...


monlim said...

See, Sean thinks so highly of you, he thinks you can stop the sun from exploding!!

I can't believe he threw rocks at a car and you had to pay 900 pounds!! Well, looking on the bright side, at least it elicited a confession and at least Sean is aware that the things he does is naughty :)

Alcovelet said...

Gasp! Now I know why he's called Tsunami Sean! I couldn't tell that day at my place, looking so sweet and innocent. Lucky it's a rented place, otherwise very sim thia!

This death thing has been really tricky for us. Sooo sad and dramatic, especially in the past. Lately it's gotten better but I have to keep brainwashing him. LIke now he says death is a mirror of this dimension, so there's nothing scary about it, but he really dreads old age more cos the body deteriorates (aiyo). So I'm showing him exercise, healthy diet etc will have a positive impact. And why risk it even if it's a different dimension cos we can't come back? The way our friend talk, macam adventure like Flatland like that.

At least I'm getting used to evolving with his thoughts!

Lilian said...

QX: Your girl obviously loves you so much she can't bear to be without you.

Mon: He is always apologetic after the deed but claims he can't help it, he's too active. I blame it on sugar high, call it coincidence, but the naughty things always happen when Eddie's home and they start their Fruit Plus binge.

Re rocks, he was too short to know there were cars parked downstairs, so he was just picking huge pebbles and throwing them down. Was such a nightmarelah, it was the first day of spring, so the door to the balcony was opened, phone rang and I was happily chit-chatting, not realising he was outside having such fun! I didn't expect the damage to be so much, was thinking at most 300 pounds cos the dent was so tiny, but that's London labour costs for you, a new Renault is only 10000 pounds but to fix some dents costs 900 pounds, ridiculous! I was upset for days and days. So geram!

Eddie jokes with Sean that he keeps a running tab of how much Sean owes him :) Once in a while Sean will ask how much he owes Daddy.

Adeline: Yes, it's Seanami aka Destroyer. Things just happen to happen around him, that's why I was ever so watchful at your antique-laden house! RK's thoughts are very deep, like from sci-fi movie. Maybe he'll be a movie director ala Stephen Spielberg given his vivid imagination or should I say 'memories', eeeeks!!

Alcovelet said...

Wah! If he becomes director (I hope Hollywood type lah), we tann tio. Maybe can get to meet Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, and that Prison Break guy. By then, lao liao so can't see so well, but maybe that's the way these guys can still look so handsome in our eyes ;)

Lilian said...

My Keanu and Johnny :) sure to still look good when they're older, maybe will look even better. But skali he become director ala Jack Neo, you'll have to settle for ogling at older Mark Lee and Henry Thia :P

Alcovelet said...

That's why I stress Hollywood mah! Mark Lee and Henry Thia *slap forehead*, like that I give away my free tickets!

Lilian said...

Donch lik dat leh...must support local movies hehehe.

Alcovelet said...

I support. From home TV lah! Now where's the remote ...

Lilian said...

LOL! As long as the dvd is original lah.