Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kindy Art Auction

It's coming to the end of the school year here, and everything's in kind of a flurry. There seems to be one activity after another. Today was Sean's Kindergarten music programme concert, but before that parents could go to the back of the hall and bid in a silent auction for the artwork done by the various kindy classes. This is all part of the current unit of inquiry, "We are artists".

I didn't really expect much when I went to look at the art pieces, I mean, these are kindergartners, but boy, was I wrong. Many of the pieces were just gorgeous. The first two are by Sean's class but both my and Sean's favourite is the last piece.

The kids chose to donate all proceeds from the silent auction to the World Wildlife Fund.


monlim said...

These are by kindy kids????? Wow!!! They're super. I really like the red one with the psychedelic splash. So did you bid?

Suan said...

These are done by kindergarteners? Although I'm quite sure they might have gotten some help from the teachers or parents, nevertheless, I'm amazed by the quality and originality of the works, the abstract ideas, and the wide variety of styles used. I've always found that the drawings produced by our local school children are too predictable, like you can almost tell if a drawing is done by a singaporean child. I wished our schools would stop dumping the responsibility of teaching art to the poor math or science teachers and get specialised art teachers instead. what a pity!

sorry, are you still in Moscow or you're back in Spore for good already? :)

Alcovelet said...

I actually missed this till now. Wow! Are you sure they're from kindergartners? These art pieces are fabulous! I love the last one and the red one with splatter from the bottom right.

bACk in GERMANY said...

These kids are all artists!

Lilian said...

I like the red one too, Mon & Ad. And I didn't bid -- kind of regretted not doing it, but I probably wouldn't win the bid anyway lah.

Suan: Yeah, I'm sure they got help from the teachers but some of the kids' individual pieces in the classroom were really good too. Not Sean's lah, his is average to below average :)

Anonymous said...

Impressive! I love the Beautiful Sunrise for its vibrant colours!

bACk in GERMANY said...

My favourite has to be the last piece with the light source in the centre.
The colour tones are wonderfully captured. And this ripple effect is amazing.

Oh... so many artists... I really think the students can come up with wonderful works.
We had this artist who came in to do a workshop with the kids... and the art pieces the students came up with were amazing. And students come to us for FL and not for art, remember? So really wow!!!

It makes a whole lot of difference if the teacher is a professional artist or trained in the didactics of painting. It really changes the way one views art.
Pity that art hours are compromised in school at the expense of covering the syllabus for the core subjects.

Eh... did you get my other comment?

Lilian said...

Cindy, you are absolutely spot on about importance of having a professional artist as a teacher. I'll post Monet pieces done by the class next to Sean's whose teacher is a professional artist. OMIGOSH...can see all the mothers from other classes just green with envy...including ME. I was soooo jealous! The entire school year would have been worth it if Sean had produced one of those Monet pieces for me to keep :(

breve1970 said...

Dear Aunty,

I also like the one with the coloulful splash. I ONLY know how to paint a landscape. It's a pic of some flowers (called Brown-eyed Susan)near a windowsill.*SIGH* THAT'S ALL!!!!!!! OIL PAINT IN 4 DAYS!!!!!!!

Best regurds,

Lilian said...

Well, I'm sure your oil painting is beautiful, get your mummy to post it up for us to see okay?