Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stranger Danger

This article was in the school's newsletter today. I thought it'd be good to share with everyone given that there are so many crazees out there these days.


Anyone you don't know is a stranger. Even people who look nice are strangers unless your parents say they are safe. People you have seen talking to your parents or waving to them are strangers, unless your parents have given you permission to trust them. Safe strangers are people you don't know, but can trust to ask for help. Police officers, fire fighters, and teachers are examples of safe strangers. If you are at a store, you can approach someone who works there for help.

- If approached by a strange car, don't go within arm's reach. If it feels wrong, say no and run away. Find someone you trust and tell them.
- Walk to and from school with a friend. Walk in well lit areas and never take shortcuts.
- Make sure your parents know where you are and what time to expect you home. If you need to change your plans, check with your parents first.
- Have a secret password with your parents. If someone else comes to pick you up from school or while walking, ask for the password, if they don't know it, don't go with them and then tell your parents.
- If you are home alone, never open the door for a stranger or tell someone on the phone you are alone.
- If you are grabbed by a stranger, YELL, kick, drop and roll, run away.
- Never go into the home of someone you don't know.
- If you feel scared or uncomfortable, get away as fast as you can and tell a trusted adult. Go to a neighbour or friend's house or to the guard shack.

- Stranger, Stranger, Stranger!
- Fire, Fire, Fire!
- Help, Help, Help!
- This is not my mother or father!

- Discuss with your child what to do if lost. Pre-arrange a meeting place.
- Don't allow your child to go to a public washroom alone.
- Reinforce that not all "bad" people look bad. Very normal looking people can also be "bad people."
- Teach your child emergency numbers as well as your home and work numbers and addresses.
- Walk your neighbourhood with your child and learn their usual routes. Point out potential hazards to your child and explain the dangers.
- Know where your child is and what time they will be home.
- Keep a list of their friends' phone numbers and addresses.


Alcovelet said...

Whoa. What a timely post. With the newspapers full of crazees these days, a lot of us parents are working ourselves into a fear frenzy. I'll certainly run through with RK about what to yell out and how to identify who's safe and not. Tks for this!

Lilian said...

No problem. Spread this around, who knows what it might prevent? It actually says don't let your child go into a public washroom alone, I must say I didn't expect that. Cos I know there are women who tsk tsk tsk when they see little boys follow their mothers into the ladies. Tsk tsk tsk right back at these small-minded women.

Alcovelet said...

Why on earth would they tsk tsk? Makes me geram just to think that. Reminds of people who toot their horn at your car from behind when you're at a turning, and they can't see the dangers you can see. *Rolling my eyes*

Lilian said...

Some are women who don't have kids, some are women who don't have sons, and some are just women who are excessively prudish. Like you said, they don't see the dangers we fear for our boys.

Anonymous said...

This is so useful. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Lilian. I'm printing this out for both my gals to read.


monlim said...

Excellent! In today's siao world, we can't be too safe. Boys, girls, they are all possible prey to perverts and psychos. Not being kiasee, being realistic.

breve1970 said...

This is indeed appropriate and timely, Lilian. Was just telling Hannah and Hayley the other day that there's no need for them to tell everyone our family information like birthdays, etc, you know what I mean!

Will show them what you wrote. Thank you.