Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Glimpse into the future...eeeks

Sean has not been doing any real work for a long, really long, time. Now, I've learnt not to fret about this, cos not doing work doesn't mean not learning right?

But once in a while, from the comfort of my bed where I've been surfing from recently, I'd give him a nudge (not all that seriously, cos I really am not in too much of a hurry to work with him anyway).

So Sunday morning I went, "Don't you want to do some work? You haven't done any work in a long time."

"Do I have to....?", he replies as usual, in a slightly whiney tone.

"If you want to be successful when you grow up, you have to work hard when you're young."

"I don't know what to do....", whine whine...

"Well, if you want to be a tortoise caretaker (he recently said that was his ambition), you don't really have to do much work now. It's up to you, I'm happy for you to be a tortoise caretaker. But korkor is really hardworking, so he'll earn lots of money next time, he can buy a house and anything he likes."

"What about me?"

"Mmmm, I don't think tortoise caretakers earn much money."

"Do I have to work when I grow up? Can't korkor take care of me?"

"What? You're going to live with korkor when you're an adult?"

"Can I?"

"Mmmm, okay, what about when you are married? Are you going to still live with korkor."


Must change tack.

"But korkor's the one with the money. So if you want to have an extra mars bar ice-cream, he may say NO ICE-CREAM FOR YOU! And if you want more oranges, he may say, no more oranges, buy your own oranges!"

He thinks for a bit, then asks, "Can I live with you?"

Yikes, suddenly tortoise-caretaker sounds perfectly fine to me; surely that's better than his alternative career of BUM!


monlim said...

LOL! He's really got the last born mentality. Aiyah, simple solution - charm a rich lady into marrying him. Problem solved!

Lilian said...

Cannot leh, living off his wife still makes him a BUM! Though that lets me off the hook :)

monlim said...

No no, he marries a rich wife and be a tortoise caretaker lah. But tell him the condition to the wife is she must also provide for you!!

Lilian said...

Okay sounds good; next time you find me the candidates okay?

monlim said...

You think Kristin will grow up to be rich? LOL!!!

Lilian said...

Waaahhhh, that one will bully Sean with her buckets of pearly tears!

Alcovelet said...

LOL, mine's gonna be a road sweeper! "But it's not stealing!", he says indignantly. I even tried the "in this house, we all work" ploy. Nada. Instead, he wants to move out, gasp.

So Mon, got two candidates or not?

Lilian said...

LOL! How's he gonna afford the rental?

Then again, some years ago, when I said to Brian, "If you don't want to study, you can be a rubbish collector next time.", Eddie had to interject with, "Hey, there's a woman in China who is in the rubbish collection business and she's a millionaire!"


bACk in GERMANY said...

No lah... Kristin won't bully Sean... coz both will cry buckets mah! And you really won't want them to be under your roof!

Kristin is Miss High Maintenance. While we were walking down the shopping streets of Cannes (all branded stuff, so I was skipping along to catch up with Alan - gee, didn't realise he was walking that quickly until now!), Kristin stopped short and demanded for his daddy's wallet!

Aiyoh... that girl... she has to try on dresses, pretty shoes, put on tiaras and ask to wear lipsticks. Now Sean's got to work very hard lor!

Lilian said...

Cannotlah, high maintenance both emotionally and financially; unless the tortoises he's taking care of are made of gold ingots.

Anonymous said...

Well, I told my boy "You got to study hard so you can earn lots of money"

He retorted "Why didn't you study hard, if not we can live in a big house now!"

I was stunned into silence...

Lilian said...

We Asians always equate Working Hard to Earning Lots of Money huh? Maybe should change to Work hard so you can be useful to society! Somehow doesn't sound convincing coming from us eh?

Anonymous said...

Lilian, you never know how a terrapin caretaker can go...scully he builds a MNC empire one day with some new high tech way of grooming them to provide as kungfu terrapin, the high-in-demand terrapin soup in cans etc...! The future is hard to say.....Que Sara Sara....

As for the boy's comment, if my child ever says that to me, my immediate reply would be...

"Precisely my dear, I have walked the tough and rough road till now to realise that without studying hard, I cannot live in a big house. If you want to live differently from me, make that difference by not following the well-travelled path I know! Learn from MY mistake! You don't want us to make the same mistakes twice right, do you?" :P