Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tabloid Junkie No2

I'm a tabloid junkie, no doubt about that. London was heaven for me, so much rubbish to read, and most at only 99p. These magazines cost many times more in Singapore. Well, Eddie came back from London with 4 magazines for me, most were about Jade Goody, who sadly, lost her battle with cancer a couple of days ago.

But someone else has been reading the magazines more than I have, Sean! 6-year old tabloid junkie.

He spent most of the weekend reading these magazines quietly. I don't know what he finds so fascinating actually, since he doesn't even know the celebrities, but he'd ask me why Jade was bald, what happened to her, and he'd read the real life stories section too.

Of all the things to take after me!


Alcovelet said...

I love the tabloids too! Hello, Dolly are my favourties. Soo juicy, especially the shots of the stars caught unawares, tee hee. I usually get them these days at the hairdresser's though.

The sight of Sean looking at the mags is so incongruous! He's just an information hound lah!

Lilian said...

Tabloids are just so overpriced in Singapore. But I can't help it, everytime I take a flight from Changi Airport, will surely buy $30-$40 worth of tabloids for the journey. In London, aiyoh, OK! and Hello! are only GBP2-3 if I remember correctly.

Stars caught unaware without their makeup, that's the best, makes us mere mortals feel so much better.

Alcovelet said...

Pffft - how ja think I found out Steven Segal is actually botak??

Lilian said...

LOL, you mean he's your idol ah? So your image of him totally went kaput lah? I never liked him, nor any of the brawny guys like Van Damme, Arnold, Sly, pffftttffft.