Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sean's mathematical rainbow


I am watching American Idol results show on the internet in my bedroom and Sean shouts from the kitchen, "Mummy, I see a rainbow!"

I shout back: Goood! (back to AI)

Sean runs in: Don't you want to see the rainbow?

Me: Later okay? (back to AI)

Sean leaves the room, then shouts again: "Mummy, don't you want to see the rainbow?"

Me: Later! (back to AI)

Sean returns: Can't you just pause it?

Me: :(

Feeling guilty, I pause AI reluctantly, walk to the kitchen window expecting to see a rainbow outside.

Instead, he points to the floor, and indeed, a rainbow is reflected from outside on to the dining area floor.

Sean: Isn't it beautiful?

Me: Yes, wow! (I'm very good at my Wows)

As I head back to my bedroom, Sean looks at his rainbow again, jumps about happily and adds, "It's like a parabola."

He laughs, "It's a Mathematical Rainbow."


Alcovelet said...

Man, Sean's on a roll!! Go Sean Go!! And I don't mean it in the dice/parabolic/mathematical way. Think my eyes are crossed now!

Lilian said...

There's lots more, so bear with me the next few posts. I think he's just internalising a lot of what he's been reading since mid-Jan, ie the MM series aka my saviour!

monlim said...

ei, the rainbow is nice, but your floor pattern lagi stylo! Like those 3D drawings like that, almost makes you think there's a Magic Eye pic inside...

Lilian said...

LOL!! You won't believe how eclectic and eccentric my landlord's decor taste is. Ugly until can really pengsan one, worst thing is you can see he spent a lot of money on's true you can't buy taste.