Thursday, March 12, 2009

Revealing Mummy's Addiction

Sean said he told his friends this, "When my mother got addicted to the Jewel game, she stopped being addicted to the Patty Panic game, and she stopped being addicted to the Jewel game now that she's addicted to the Zuma game."

So kaypoh these boys, always monitoring what I do.

Brian gets smart-mouth by asking me the moment he reaches home, "So Mummy, how was Zuma today?" !!!

So I played Zuma non-stop for the past week. He's one to talk, he totally takes after me in game-addiction. First was the 1-hour free Monster's ball (can't remember the title, I think it's Monster's ball) that Monica recommended months ago. Brian begged me to purchase the game, he said he'll pay me back. Nope.

Then last week, he got to try Ouba, also recommended by Monica. Again, he begged me to purchase this. Again, I said no, (1) cos I don't like to make internet credit card payments and my Paypal isn't working cos the card linked to it expired; (2) the game will be downloaded onto my notebook which I need to use ALL the time; (3) even if Brian had his own notebook to download the game, it'll still be a no, cos knowing him, he'll be thinking of the game all day and night.

He likes Ouba more than Monster's Ball but his favourite is this on-line game that he learnt to play at my friend Slim's house, I forget the name, maybe it's Age of Mythology. He doesn't get to play this at home, I think you need to purchase the cd-rom first.

Anything that needs to be purchased, er, Nope. Free games will do just fine for now.

And yes, I do get a bit quiet when the addiction strikes. It's Zuma time now, see y'all later!


monlim said...

Eh, what's Monster's Ball hah? Don't think it's from me leh. Try Cradle of Rome and Gemsweeper, both also from Big Fish. I'm sure Brian's mathematical mind will love it.

And you must have super willpower to resist buying the games! I'm soooo addicted. Already finished saving the Oubas twice over. So what's Zuma??

monlim said...

orr... i just went into Zuma, it's a marble popper game lah, I got a free one from Big Fish. You see??? got perks for joining! Umm... next time you come here, bring your laptop I download for you ok? sshhh....

Tsu Lin + + said...

OMG, Jewel & Zuma are so totally my type of games tooooo..... I also liked Tumblebugs for a long time and even managed to CONQUER IT (ie reached the top level n finished the games). Yayy for me...

Oh and yayy for you toooo... :)

Lilian said...

Mon: Sorry sorry, I just asked Brian and he said it's Magic Ball! Sean remembers the game too, it has lots of Power Ups, they say.

I don't think it's willpower, I just can't really play those games, they actually look a little hard to me. Eg I kept losing my Ouba during the 5 min I got to play it, Brian had to rescue the Oubas for me. Oh, and once Brian was playing and the game said Garouba placed a spy; I asked, "How do you know which is the spy?", the smarty-pants said, "Which one do you think is the spy?" hahaha, cos it was so obvious when I saw the ouba spy.

I can handle games like Zuma and Bejeweled. Zuma free also what, why need to join Big Fish?

Tsu Lin: You like Minesweeper? That's probably my all-time favourite computer game. Just love it.

Anonymous said...

And you must have super willpower to resist buying the games!

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monlim said...

Oh, Magic Ball! Andre loves that cos of the graphics - nothing difficult but he just goes into hysterics at the sight of the sheep and pirates falling over like a stack of dominoes.

Cradle of Rome is a sophisticated version of Jewel - try the free 1 hr! It's really lovely and addictive. For all the games, you need to go at it for a while before you get good lah, if you started Oubas at the spy level for 5 mins, no wonder you can't save them! Must start from beginning to get practice.

I think kids are more intuitive when it comes to such things, Andre can spot powerups and short cuts in an instant. But because they have limited computer game time compared to me, I have all the high scores in this household, hehe. That's what comes of playing hours at a go!!

Lilian said...

Thanks Anon whoever you are. Like I don't waste enough time already!

Mon: I didn't start spy level lah, Brian was playing and he got the spy. I was just watching, when I played, very gabrah. Kids definitely more intuitive, that's for sure. How are you able to write so much when you play games all day? Kowtow!

Puzzled by Puzzles! said...

I showed Zuma to my dh and he is now hooked! Every night plonk himself in front of the PC.

Lilian said...

A Zuma convert!! Dunno what it is with these balls, but men seem to like this game. One evening, my husband who never bothers to play any of the computer games I get hooked to, saw me playing zuma, and then actually gave a go at it. Maybe it makes them feel like they're playing pool/snooker or something.