Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pi up to...100

Okay, call me a crazy mum but I got Sean to memorise pi up to 100 decimal places. I know this is all useless, but at least he can look back and know that once upon a time, he knew pi up to 100 dp, how many people can say that? :P (I know there are lots of people who can, but just humour me okay?)

On Sunday, we turned the clock forward one hour, and Sean decides he will not go to school on Monday cos he might not be able to wake up (that's how kiasu he is). He did wake up at 7am, earlier than everyone else, but once he's decided, he's not changing his mind. I told him to be prepared to work at home. Work means doing Singapore Math assessment books.

By 2pm, all we had done the entire day was...nothing. I was in bed, clicking on the computer aimlessly all day, instead of working with him or at least starting to pack for our trip back to Singapore.

Feeling guilty about doing nothing, yet not willing to get off my butt to get the Singapore math workbook, I decided to get him to memorise pi bit by bit. By evening, he had memorised up to 95 decimal places. When Eddie was having dinner, I told him about what Sean could do. He immediately told Sean, "No need Sean, no need to memorise, don't stress your brain okay?"...sheesh...*rolls eyes*...as if this bit of brainwork was gonna fry his son's brains.

And Sean was having fun anyway, jumping around and laughing whenever he got further and further...I know, I know, I'm justifying this craziness.

This morning, I was using the computer near the dining area when he woke up. He climbed on me and sat on me while hugging me. Not a word. Then he suddenly smiled at me, and said, "I was saying pi up to 95 decimal places in my head."

So what is a crazy mum to do; I told him the next 5 digits lah (70679, see?, even I can remember) and video-ed him after he had changed and eaten breakfast.

And here is pi up to 100 decimal places, source:

3.1415926535 8979323846 2643383279 5028841971 6939937510 5820974944 5923078164 0628620899 8628034825 3421170679


Alcovelet said...

Hahaha! You're too funny lah! And Sean is a good sport to go along with it. Way to go, Sean! You've got a super duper memory!

Lilian said...

Good sport only for memorising pi leh. Everything else not cooperative. Very tough nut.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Pi to me is 3.142 ok???? And are you saying you can memorise pi up to 100decimals? *faints*

monlim said...

Just one word: mind-boggling!!!!

Lilian said...

Pi to me is 3.142 too or 22/7. Apparently 22/7 is just a very rough approximation. I like to tease Sean by going really fast, "3.142 three five six seven eight nine ten!!" And he'll laugh and say "NO!!! It's 3.14...." till whatever...so gullible, so easy to make him recite pi :)

bACk in GERMANY said...

To me, pi was 3.141592654 because my calculator then had only 10 digits in display, otherwise... :) Of course, I had a classmate who made memorizing pi into a chant. Today, he's a pretty famous oncologist.

Wow Sean... amazing memory...
Yes yes yes Mommy Lilian, you should make him memorize even more... and you sure know where Sean is heading... definitely someone with a Dr. in front of his name!

Another plus point: Good training for playing "Trivial Pursuit". :)
Actually, schools love boys like Sean. Can send him for competitions and quizzes mah. Mon, does this count towards DSA??? LOL

Lilian said...

LOL, if this counts for DSA, I'll be sitting Brian down and making him memorise all day and night!

And you have amazing memory too! You only stopped at 10 cos of your calculator. Otherwise you'd be Dr Chua already :P

Anyway, Sean only memorises what he wants to memorise...and he's never wanted to memorise anything before, just this time pi, though he did say his next target is phi :)

Puzzled by Puzzles! said...

Impressive!!! Well done Sean. :-D

Anonymous said...

Pi to me is also 3.142....:P.

Amazing memory he has! Bagus!!